Born and based in Lagos, Nigeria, Kemisola Ajetunmobi is a highly educated young mother of two who is making a name for herself on social media by empowering other moms in Africa and around the world to build successful businesses. A top earner in her network marketing company, Kemisola wants to help 1,000 moms to become millionaires from home while raising their children.

Before network marketing, Kemisola had a career in the aviation industry for close to 10 years. “I had worked for three different airlines and was proud of my achievements,” she says, “but in 2014 my job became so demanding I sometimes had to travel every week of the month. I often saw my son only two days a week and was missing him so much that I knew I needed a way out. I also had to battle with unpaid salaries which became another major challenge. If I wanted to take a vacation, I was forced to work around my colleagues’ schedules and had to wait for approval from the HR department.”

Eventually Kemisola tried her hand at a couple of businesses, but they took her even further away from her son. One day, on a sunny afternoon, she sat down to think about her ideal life and how she would design it. She thought of all the businesses she could get involved in without leaving her son behind. She dreamed of time freedom and financial freedom, and network marketing came to mind, as she had seen several friends and family members succeed in it.

“I knew it could be the solution,” says Kemisola. “I gave it some more thought and I began to read about it. I had seen many people making lots of money in the business, and I wondered if I would be able to do this myself. I decided to study it to see if I could wrap my head around it.”

Three months later Kemisola felt she had developed a pretty good understanding of the business, so she started searching for a company. It happened to be the perfect time to join her current company, as it had just launched in the Nigerian market.

“As soon as I made up my mind to start a network marketing business, I came across a post on Facebook announcing that my present company was opening Nigeria. I emailed them and they replied with an invitation to attend the founding members training.”

During the training, Kemisola got so eager and excited that she began posting on social media and recruiting people even before she was able to register herself. She created a Google form for registrations, as well as a Facebook group for her team, so she could hit the ground running as soon as her registration became active.

Kemisola quickly discovered that there was a lot more to learn. She first put her focus on acquiring a wide array of social media skills.

“I had to be creative,” she says, “because there was no precedence for me or the company in my country. Thankfully I was able to lean on and leverage some of the success stories from other markets, as well as the fact that my company has been in business for close to 50 years.”

Kemisola also turned to YouTube and embarked on a journey of personal development. “I figured out I had to become a better person if I wanted people to follow me. I developed my human relations skills and improved in many areas of my life.”

As a founding member in her company, Kemisola had no upline and very little mentoring, so she had to learn on her own. “I had never done anything even remotely like this,” she says. “I went back to my MBA course syllabus and began to implement some of the business principles I learned. It was tedious, but I knew it would be worth it in the long run.”

Kemisola saw a bright future ahead and that kept her going. She says one of her biggest blessings was stumbling upon Amber Voight’s videos on YouTube. “That’s when my life took a turn and my business started growing. In addition to furthering my self-development, I discovered attraction marketing.”

Before meeting Amber online, Kemisola was posting in Facebook groups for several hours a day, openly inviting people to join her business. As soon as she started following Amber, Kemisola discovered a better way…

“I learned that in order to attract prospects, I had to become attractive. I had to ask questions and become a skilled listener. I had to become a great leader to every member of my team. I quickly assumed this role, because I didn’t want people to think, ‘She just got lucky.’ I really gave it all my effort and commitment.”

From watching Amber’s videos where she mentions other network marketing leaders, Kemisola started following them online and buying their books. Through Eric Worre’s videos, she learned even more about attraction marketing, duplication, and automating her business.

“Today I build my business by providing value and attracting my tribe,” she says. “I couldn’t be more grateful for the influence of people like Amber Voight, Eric Worre, and lately Ray Higdon. They continue to mold me and my team with the content they put out there daily.”

Today Kemisola’s favorite prospecting approach is to give tons of value followed by calls to action. “Facebook has been a tremendous blessing,” she says. “You just can’t exhaust the endless possibilities of this powerful platform. It’s amazing how it allows you to meet people of diverse backgrounds and just bond with them like sisters in a short period of time. It cuts across so many barriers, which is one of the things I love about my business. I feel I now have a lot of sisters who have my back, and vice-versa.”

Kemisola creates duplication by consistently bringing in new people and teaching her team members to do the same. “We hold weekly training events locally, regardless of activities online,” she says. “After reading Eric Worre’s book, I also started cold prospecting and it has paid off.”

Kemisola has been in network marketing for less than two years, but she says it feels as though she has been in it for ages.

“Amber Voight is first on my thank-you list,” says Kemisola. “I simply adore here! She totally taught me most things I practice today. I continue to watch her closely, implement her advice, and replicate her system wherever I can. She is my mentor and I recently enrolled in her group coaching program.”

Kemisola also bought a couple of audios from Eric Worre and Ray Higdon. Her favorite books include Eric Worre’s Go pro, Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead’s The Flip-Flop Ceo, John Fogg’s The Greatest Networker in the World, Mary Kay’s You Can Have It All!, Mark Yarnell’s Your First Year in Network Marketing, Dexter Yager’s The Mark of a Millionaire, The Mary Kay Way, Tony Robbins’ Feeding the Giant, Don Failla’s The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life, and Cara Alwill Leyba’s The Champagne Diet. Kemisola is eager for Amber Voight’s new book The 7-Cent Decision to arrive in Nigeria.

Kemisola’s vision is to reach the top of her company’s success ladder, which will allow her to earn a cash award of $1 million dollars a year. “I want to help 1,000 moms earn seven-figure incomes through network marketing,” she says. “I see a day in my mind where I will host Eric Worre here in Nigeria. I see a Networking Times event here in Lagos in which I will be featured. I can’t wait to invite Amber Voight to speak for our local networkers so they can learn from her and have their lives be transformed as mine was when I met her online.”

Kemisola sees a future where more of the upper-class entrepreneurs in her country will open their minds to the network marketing profession and see how much it has to offer. She dreams of a future where integrity will be the order of the day among network marketing leaders in Nigeria.

While she has a global following on social media, Kemisola currently focuses on building her team within Nigeria, which she says is very diverse in ethnicities, cultures, and religions.
“I learned so much about other cultures from being involved in this business. I began to see and respect how people everywhere do things a little differently. I realized we have to move past all these barriers and unite as one to make progress in this profession and as a human family. We are a people business, and people come with different backgrounds and cultures, even though our hearts’ desires and deepest yearnings are the same.”