Ali Mehdaoui

Millennials are absolutely fearless. Our generation has access to information that used to take weeks to find and now is available in seconds. This speeds up the learning curve at a ridiculous rate and provides each one of us with a better opportunity to “conquer the world” in the network marketing profession.

Gen Y is already networking every minute of the day. We are on most social platforms and we love growing our networks. We love presenting and sharing ideas, and participating in discussions about topics that matter to us. These are the basic daily activities required for network marketing professionals to succeed.

Every generation had its rebellious youth. My generation has been criticized for being laid back and entitled, but I believe we’re a bit misunderstood. The effort and hard work it used to take to fix or build things is no longer needed because of advanced technology. Courses are being replaced by 5-minute YouTube videos. Reading manuals is no longer necessary, for Google has the answers.

Millennials are highly visual. We love to be part of any movement or experience that questions the status quo. The network marketing profession is just that: a movement and an experience that allows us to go against the status quo. We all have to make a better effort to showcase this value of our business opportunity.

I create relationships online and aim to build face to face. I do daily online events, versus one in-person event per month. Whether you’re a Millennial or not, technology and webinars specifically have removed all excuses and help us all to go ahead and build—regardless of how much time we have, where we live, or our experience.

To make our business relevant, compelling, and user-friendly for young people, we need to simplify, yet educate them on the importance of leadership in our profession, as that is the cornerstone of a business that duplicates and stands the test of time.

Originally from Morocco, ALI MEHDAOUI came to the U.S. in 2002 to further his education as a certified chef. He became a successful entrepreneur speaking five languages. Ali has founded Mehdaoui Enterprises to share with others all he has learned from building 7 traditional businesses and several network marketing businesses in 27 U.S. states and 6 countries.