Meeting Payam Moghim

One of our favorite topics to research and report on here at Networking Times is the powerful positive impact network marketing is making globally. Our mission is to inspire entrepreneurs around the world with stories of freedom, joy, growth, and transformation.

To see how we are doing, each morning I can’t wait to go online and find out who else joined our community or subscribed to Networking Times “overnight” (relative to our local time zone).

Pamya Moghim

One October morning in 2014, I noticed a new digital subscriber by the name of Payam Moghim from Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.
I immediately welcomed Payam with a personal email and some burning questions:
“Are you new to network marketing?
Is your company domestic or international?
Is network marketing popular in your country?
Would you be willing to share your story with our readers?”

Payam replied right away.
“It’s only been three years since network marketing became legalized in Iran. However, I have had some experience and studied the business for the past 10 years. My Master’s thesis was on the feasibility of using network marketing in the distribution of cosmetics and personal care products in Tehran. I’m currently in a nutritional company. We only have 11 companies and all of them are local. We could say network marketing here is virgin. Let’s work together to grow the profession.

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