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Fabio Galdi
Fabio Galdi

Razon Family
The Razon Family

Chanida and Nat Puranaputra
Chanida and Nat

Lamia Bettaieb
Lamia Bettaieb

Gary and Leesa
Gary and Leesa

Tanya Omatta
Tanya O'Matta

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Imagine the Future
Why would a high-tech telecommunication company choose network marketing to sell its cutting-edge information products? Why is it rewarding people for doing word-of-mouth marketing instead of using old advertising models and distribution systems? “When you have the most advanced technologies,” says company CEO Fabio Galdi, “you need people to spread the news and share their passion, so you can touch as many lives as possible.” Fabio’s approach heralds a paradigm shift for business at large—the recognition that the network marketing model delivers a better return on investment to bring innovative technologies to market.

Lead with Your Heart
Cecil, Hino, and Nani Razon are a mother-and-sons team that started building a network marketing business ten years ago from their home in the Philippines. Living without electricity or transportation, and with only one family phone, the Razons climbed their way out of debt and poverty, building one of their company’s largest organizations. Whenever the company opened a new market, the Razons would be first to travel there and create a strong foothold working with referrals and cold market prospects. Today the Razons are spearheading their company’s largest team in Africa, adding about 500 new members a day.

Tigers in the Pacific Rim
Chanida and Nat Puranaputra are network marketing leaders from Thailand who have trained hundreds of home-business millionaires. Chanida got started in the wellness industry over 20 years ago and occupied top leadership positions in several US-based companies as they opened up Asian markets. Nat was doing the business part time, but quit his job as a senior corporate executive once Chanida’s income surpassed his. The couple has been enjoying building their business together for the last decade. Recognized as international leaders, they have spoken to and trained large audiences in more than 25 countries.

Achieve and Believe
Lamia Bettaieb is a Gen Y leader who discovered network marketing just five years ago. Born and raised in Tunisia, she always knew she wanted to be a millionaire, even though she had no idea how it would happen. She reached her goal in 2014 when she became a top earner in her company, a US-based innovator in information technology. Achieving her dream taught Lamia an important lesson: money does not bring happiness; helping others does.

Liberty's Calling
The Statue of Liberty is a powerful visual reminder to the world that America values human liberty. Dr. Viktor E. Frankl who wrote Man’s Search for Meaning suggested that we also need a symbol that represents responsibility. Inspired by Dr. Frankl’s vision, sculptor Gary Lee Price and the Responsibility Foundation are creating a statue the size of the Statue of Liberty to remind people that rights come with responsibilities. Entrepreneurs of all ages are getting involved to build the Statue of Responsibility on the Pacific coast to bookend the Statue of Liberty on the Atlantic coast.

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Learn as You Go
Tanya O’Matta was born in a small town in Texas as the only child of ambitious, hardworking Hispanic parents. They always encouraged her to work hard and dream big, but she was too shy to act on her dreams and goals. Finding network marketing helped her connect with her inner power. Once she found her company, she reached its top rank in less than a year. Today Tanya leads a thriving international organization spanning four continents.

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