Using technology to communicate is a double-edged sword. Yes, it connects people, brings families closer, and makes preserving relationships inexpensive and easy. It makes our world almost borderless.

Technology also has the potential to destroy relationships. It’s not surprising anymore to see a family in a restaurant not talking to each other as everyone is engrossed in their own solitary electronic activity. We see people walking on the streets looking like zombies—chatting on Facebook or watching a video on SnapChat—totally oblivious to their surroundings. Some people watch videos on streaming sites for days, not stepping out of the house and seeing the sun. The world moves, but we don’t notice it when we’re so caught up in playing with technology.

Putting technology in the right place is a matter of common sense and decency. You put your phone away when you’re having dinner with family or friends, or having a meeting with your colleagues or clients. Those riveting series you watch on Netflix are so not worth your lack of sleep. Allowing your kids to be on their iPads all day will bring them and you nothing but regrets.

Gadgets were made to help us be more efficient, not enslave us. We should know when to break our bad technology habits and not wait till they put a strain on our family or business. Let us not allow ourselves to become comfortably numb because of our being perpetually tethered to our gadgets. Technology should never be our new opium.

The creation and use of technology ideally should be guided by the same questions we ask ourselves when we start up a business:

Network marketing is one of the best illustrations of how technology can be used to increase business. The Internet has made our business truly global. Word of mouth and relationship building may be the fundamental principles of network marketing, but it is technology that powers its exponential growth.

If you want to be a skilled and top-earning networker, be tech savvy. Thankfully, the tools you can use to grow your business are mostly free. Use and maximize your company’s online business tools. They were carefully designed and especially developed to help you not just kick start your business, but to excel in it, through hard work and diligence.

Social media is free. Use it to build your online profile and reputation. Use the Internet to showcase the benefits of the products and services you’re selling and the power of your business to change lives. Be a living testimony of how technology fuels personal and business success. Proudly tell the world your tech story.

JOSEPH T. BISMARK is a dynamic business leader, yoga instructor, and martial arts expert. He is a founding director of a multinational company operating diverse business lines in over 100 countries.