Rob Sperry

Technology can be one of the greatest strengths and weaknesses in our profession. Used properly, it can greatly increase your business. Used improperly, it will be the kiss of death.

Old-school network marketing had less leverage due to the lack of technology, but because of that peopel were forced to make up for it in other ways, for instance by becoming the main presenter earlier and more often. They didn’t have online videos to share, which hurt duplication, but this also forced people to present the business more often, leading to an increased skillset.

Technology has lots of uses, but it doesn’t replace the most important x factor which is YOU.
The biggest determining factor in your success is yourself. Successful people take FULL RESPONSIBILITY. Technology can massively help your business. Online trainings, product videos, opportunity videos, social media, and other technological features can help you take your business to the next level.

Technology doesn’t replace your skillset. It enhances it.
The problem is, many online marketers pitch that technology IS the business. For example, “If you sign up with our system, you will succeed.” Nothing worthwhile is easy. Success isn’t easy. I have seen many network marketing groups pitch how their system “makes this business so easy.” It is a lie. It is a disservice to your team, company and the entire profession. Technology can be great, but don’t ever use it as bait to deceive others that our business is easy. Technology can make our business simpler, but don’t confuse simple with easy.

Be authentic. Convey that technology has made our business simpler, but nothing worthwhile is easy.
Use social media the right way—to provide value and create awareness. Look at the top leaders: you don’t see them pitching anyone to join their business. They engage in attraction marketing by giving value. People are attracted to who you are. Social media can help us influence others in a positive way. As a results, they want to know who you are or what you are doing.

Use technology to connect and interact with others.
Facetime, Google Hangout, Oovoo, texting, and many other social media platforms out there give us an ability to reach more people all around the world. Technology itself has given us many opportunities to connect with others, but social media has given us a daily reason to do so with many.

To build your team, a Facebook group page is a must.
Your team can create its own community where everyone can plug into your system. Use your Facebook group to remind your teams about calls, meetings, and events. I have found it also to be the best place for customer service, as it’s quick and easy to ask the group any question.

Leaders also use technology to create better systems. Many network marketing teams have their own training websites that give you insightful videos and blueprint for building your business. The technology used for systems has created massive leverage.
Constant recognition on this page is by far the most important feature. Do not only welcome new members to the team, but find ways to recognize people as often as possible in as many different ways as possible.

Set a goal to connect with three different people every day on social media and make at least one post a day that provides value to others. Make sure you’re always talking with people! Social media posts, texts, videos and all other forms of technology are useful, but make sure you also engage in conversation.

Used properly, technology is one of the greatest tools we have in our business, giving us opportunities that didn’t previously exist—and it is only getting better!

ROB SPERRY started network marketing in 2008 and reached his company’s top rank in his first year. A few years later he decided to apply his skills to recruit over a 100 door-to-door salespeople in four months for a young TV satellite dish company. Rob’s wide range of experiences taught him how to create proven systems to recruit, retain, and drive people to more success. Rob is currently a top leader in a global network marketing company and loves to apply his talents to help others apply theirs.