Luke Hessler

Four years ago, as a 19-year-old sophomore at Michigan State University, I was introduced to a business that would change my life forever. It was called network marketing and is a model that allows ANYONE, regardless of their past, to hit the reset button on their life.

It offered an opportunity to utilize a stable platform coupled with a proven plan and a supportive community to create “residual income,” words that seemed like Latin to me when I first heard them four years ago, despite the fact I was in what most would consider an "honors college" at one of the top universities in the country.

Residual or passive income can also be defined as "continuous income". It's the idea of getting the job done once and getting paid for it over and over again. This concept was mindboggling to me when I first heard it and was something I immediately labeled as "too good to be true.” It's human nature to reject what we don't understand, but thankfully, by the grace of God, four months later, the same friend who tried to recruit me the first time sent me a Facebook message, but this time he took a different approach. 

“Do you trust me?” he asked. This was someone I'd been great friends with for a very long time, so I trusted him with my life.

I responded, "Of course I do, what's up?" 

He sent me a message back saying, "As a friend, I need you to get on a Skype with a guy who's 25 and is making more money in a month doing network marketing than the average college graduate is making in a year from a job. He potentially wants to partner with you in order to expand his business into your area.

“I don't want you to say yes or no after talking to him, but instead take a few days to look into everything and question it logically until you fully understand it. Once you can make an educated decision, tell me yes or no. If you can find a legitimate flaw in the business model or the company, I will never mention it to you again. However, if you end up seeing what I see, which I suspect you will, you're going to have trouble sleeping tonight. What do you say?"

This was an invitation I couldn't refuse. After getting on the Skype call, doing an three days of research on the company and the industry, as well as having my mom hire a private investigator to look into the opportunity at hand, I was officially converted from a one of the biggest haters, to one of the biggest supporters of network marketing. 

Looking back on the events that would change my life, I realize that without technology, the experience wouldn't of been possible. The friend who contacted me went to school in Arizona and while I was in Michigan; without Facebook, we wouldn't have kept such a strong relationship due to a lack of communication. Without the messenger app, he would have had no way of contacting me about the opportunity. Without Skype, having a conversation with my eventual mentor would have been impossible, since he lived in Arizona as well.

People used to say you can't be in two places at once, but now we do it all the time with a simple Skype call. Without the Internet to do more research and build my optimism, I would have naturally conformed to my friends’ opinion of this business and assumed it was a scam. I continue to teach distributors on my team to utilize these incredible tools daily in order to expand their sphere of influence outside of their physical environment through honest, sincere, and transparent communication. These are just a few small examples of how technology is improving my relationships and changing the way I do business.

There are some people who miss the point of technology. Rather than utilizing it as a tool to improve their communication with the world, they use it as an attempt to eliminate boredom by scrolling through their news feed and over and over again throughout the day. Seeing myself unconsciously fall into this trap, I made a rule for myself that I'd never scroll through my social media news feeds mindlessly. I decided I was going to be extremely intentional with my social media and use it for three reasons only:

  1. To communicate with people outside my physical presence in order to strengthen relationships.
  2. To manage my team by promoting events and giving public recognition to those who deserve it.
  3. To create curiosity in the eyes of my viewers through the promotion of my lifestyle and mindset, showing them that ANYONE can succeed with a strong work ethic and the correct vehicle.

In this increasingly technological world, network marketing truly is the PERFECT business model. There are now over 1 billion people on Facebook (that means if Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world!), and it's growing every day. People are using it for everything from a mom-to-mom page, where moms can communicate with other moms in their local areas, to large concert pages where promoters can communicate with their audience about what they want to hear at the concert.

Regardless of what content they are talking about, we can all agree that people creating a "social network” online. The beautiful thing about network marking is that it gives people an opportunity to monetize their social networks simply by shifting the content of the daily conversations they are having.

People are talking about things that interest them every day. Do you think some of those people may be interested in creating an additional source of income by monetizing a network they already built for free, utilizing high quality products that can have a positive impact on their life, or joining a community of likeminded and positive individuals? Of course there are. You just need to start the conversation. 

The first step in launching your network marketing business is to create a list of people who may be interested in your product or opportunity. For the first time in history, people start doing that unconsciously in elementary school. Now we simply need to show them how to monetize it.

LUKE HESSLER launched his network marketing business as a sophomore in college. In two years he successfully went from being a broke college student on the ramen noodle diet to earning monthly pay checks exceeding that of his dad who's a doctor. In the last 4 years, Luke built a downline totaling over 26,000 people in 15 countries, became a multiple 6-figure earner, and has generated well over $15 million dollars in total revenue. Luke’s life purpose is encapsulated in the mission statement of the Young Pros Movement which he pioneered, "To connect and develop the next generation of leaders who share the desire of leaving the world a better place."