Ali Mehdaoui

Technology is completely changing all aspects of our lives, and fast too. I’ve been a network marketer for seven years. The difference technology has made and the doors it has opened has dramatically enhanced the growth of my business.

The next generation of network marketers is already being trained. Social media and network marketing have a lot in common: on social media platforms, we strive to have more followers and likes, and the bigger our network grows, the better it is. In network marketing, we strive to have more representatives and more customers, and the bigger your network, the more money you can make.

I remember opening a MySpace account, then my Facebook account almost 10 years ago. Now I have an account in every social media platform and I blog everywhere I possibly can. Technology has allowed me to connect with thousands of people I would have never been able to connect with in person. The content I create is instantly shared with Europe, Africa, and Asia. The benefit of network marketing is that you can work it part time and from home, or anywhere else where you have Internet.

I now have tens of thousands of virtual friends I feel I’ve known for years, although we’ve only been connected for few months. I know their kids’ names, their jobs, and even hobbies. Social media really allows us to connect, and if used properly and positively, could help solve so many of the world’s issues. These virtual relationships have also made a world of a difference in simplifying the sorting process and qualifying who could be a great candidate for our business. I even suggest targeting your audience searching on all social media outlets for specific entrepreneurial groups and strategically attracting the right eyes into your virtual space.

Technology can also be a distraction in our lives. It’s easy to get lost in our cell phones as we start watching a video that turns into 60 minutes of scrolling. Catching myself doing this, I recently came up with a system for not letting this amazing tool called social media obstruct my income-producing activities or family time. Here are the three rules I came up with for myself:

  1. While creating content for a blog or a training, I turn my phone sound off to eliminate all temptations to go through my phone and delay my work.
  2. I turn my phone sound off after 10 pm and put it to charge in the kitchen, far away from me to give my wife her respectful time, and also to unplug from the virtual world and stay human.
  3. I identify my income-producing activities and use a daily planner to prioritize my time, my team and my down time to go online and be the internet celebrity I imagine myself to be.

One thing that’s non-negotiable for me is protecting my reputation by keeping my social media associations positive and “clean.” My privacy and tag functions are very strict. If your newsfeed has any profanity or aggressive posts, we will not be friends. Social media and technology in general offer a window into our individual lives that everyone is looking into. Therefore being on our best behavior goes a long way in the influence we’ll have on our networks overall.

I believe network marketing is the perfect business to capitalize on the way technology is advancing! Since we can do everything from our phones, it’s as though we’re walking with our business office in our pockets. I manage my website, all my blogs, my appointments and I even my meetings via video calls from my cell phone.

As network marketers, we always look for the best ways to maximize our efficiency and outsource as much as possible. Technology is doing that for us and will continue to do so. Thinking of how much things have advanced over the last few decades, and imagining how much better and faster they will continue to get, I believe our profession is set up to be the future of entrepreneurship.

The last decade has taught us that the economy could trick us all, that depending on a job is no longer a secure route. Therefore, starting your own business is the best option in terms of security. What holds most people back from starting a business is the upfront investment it requires and the continual overhead. However, network marketing has a lower startup cost than any other business and with all the technological advances, it’s going to be the next normal.

Originally from Morocco, ALI MEHDAOUI came to the U.S. in 2002 to further his education as a certified chef and became a successful entrepreneur mastering five international languages. Ali has founded Mehdaoui Enterprise to share with others all he has learned from building 7 traditional businesses and network marketing businesses in 27 U.S. states and 6 countries.