Shari Kuster

When you consider the pace the world seems to be moving at, it can easily be tied back to technology. It’s crazy fast and it’s not slowing down. You have to learn how to use it—or get run over by those that have figured it out. Looking back, just 10 years ago, if you wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with a person you enrolled out of state, it would require a road trip or a flight… not to mention taking time away from your family and other responsibilities you had to other team members. Using the live face chat tools we now have available allows us to schedule several meetings with people anywhere without tying up all a person’s time in one area. It is also providing the flexibility to connect to several areas at once.

Many people have used networking events such as luncheons and meet-up groups to meet new people and share their businesses. Based on my experience, which is limited, what people said at these meetings seemed very planned, and you were limited by the number of people who showed up that day. Now, with social media, you have the ability to connect with so many people anywhere in the world. It truly is removing the limit to our reach. Platforms like Facebook have created a bridge from stranger to friend. When meeting someone new in my day-to-day life, it is easy to say, “Let’s connect on Facebook.” People then have an opportunity to see you as more than the stranger they just met. This also helps me to learn more about them. After all, this is a relationship business and it’s not easy to build a trusting relationship these days in a matter of just a few minutes of meeting someone.

 It’s important to remember that all this technology was designed to bring people together and not to close us off. The purpose of text messaging was to send a quick message when you couldn’t talk, not to stop you from ever talking to anyone. People need to hear your voice, it’s the only way to convey your sincerity and passion. No matter what technology we use, nothing will ever take the place of personal connection. Personally, I love being around people. It’s where community is built. It’s the foundation of a strong organization. And it’s FUN!!! People want to have fun.

Network marketing is without a doubt the perfect business model for an increasingly technological world. Technology provides us the ability to obtain and share information. When television was first introduced, it provided more consumers access to information about products and services that could not easily be explained in a newspaper. How wonderful that we now have the ability to connect face-to-face with people anywhere in the world, giving everyone the ability to provide solutions, build businesses, and ultimately change more lives.

SHARI KUSTER is a fun-loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend, as well as savvy entrepreneur, team builder, business coach and efficiency expert dedicated to helping people achieve the life and financial success they desire.