Nattida and Chad Chong

We live in a world where technology is constantly and significantly altering the way we communicate. Nowadays people work, eat, and sleep using technology.

Yes, network marketing is a relationship-based business, and there is no substitute for building a face-to-face, in-depth relationship with our organization. However, technology is a phenomenal tool when it supports and supplements these real-life relationships.

Thanks to technology, Chad and I have been able to grow international markets and huge organizations cross culturally. Social media has helped us connect with people around the world in ways that were not possible before.

Building belly-to-belly becomes impossible when dealing with members or prospects who are thousands of miles away. That’s when technology comes to the rescue, eliminating any limits or boundaries when it comes to communication and connecting.

Social media allows us to keep in close touch with our organization while increasing word of mouth and brand awareness. It can foster the sense of community as well as the one-on-one engagement our profession is known for.

After all, our passion in network marketing is to be of service to others. Our true product and greatest benefit is personal development—our own and others’. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the people we have built connections with and trained walk across the stage or have their lives be changed forever. Technology lets us do this locally and globally, potentially empowering large numbers of people with just the click of a button.

Our international teams have grown exponentially because we continue to use technology to communicate on a regular basis. We have mastered building global organizations and have taught others as well. In turn, we have witnessed massive success in our teams.

It goes without saying, this business takes sacrifice. Sometimes we wouldn’t see our children for weeks, or each other for a whole month, as one or both of us were traveling to grow our team. Sacrifice may be difficult, but when you know your why, it becomes easy, and technology makes it even easier. Our hearts don’t ache as much when we are separated. Video chatting makes us feel like we are right there. We can still see our kids and hear their stories, all while growing our business and securing their future.

The world has changed—and so must we. To continue to prosper, we need to reinvent ourselves. This includes embracing technology and using its wonders to the fullest!

NATTIDA and CHAD CHONG were still in their twenties when they earned their first million dollars in network marketing. Today in their early thirties, they use technology to lead their teams in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US.