Debi Granite

People are surprised when I tell them I’m an introvert. They shake their heads and reply that it’s just not possible. Ha! Yes, it is. For me, pushing myself to live outside of my box is a learned skill. If you looked behind the scenes, you would easily see that I prefer my own quietness to the world on the other side of my driveway.

I bet many of you secretly feel the same.

When I got started in this profession, I only knew a handful of people outside of my immediate circle of family and friends. Thankfully, technology has changed all that by making it easier to expand my network and my friendships, not only in person, but all across the World Wide Web.

For people like me, going belly to belly at networking events and other functions with masses of people can be energetically draining. Retreating to an online virtual playground is a welcome relief to the commotion of automobile and people traffic in the real world.

With social media, a keyboard, and a computer, we can hide when we need to and focus when we want to. The best part is that with the click the X button we are in control. I love being able to see what people are up to without invading their space or mine. Check up, check in, and check out. It makes it much easier to cover more ground and visit more people.

Three things I’ve learned is that one, it’s important to be conscious of staying true to who I am becoming; two, to be present and authentic with my online relationships and communication; and thirdly, I found that the rabbit holes are everywhere! Staying focused can be challenging, because I love to learn about new things and I have to be careful not to get sucked into my own ambush spending hours researching my latest interest.

If it weren’t for technology and the Internet, I believe I would have quit this profession a long time ago. Building a business from home with a computer, an iPad, and a smartphone, has given me a higher quality of life and freedom. Some huge bonuses are: virtual meetings without racking up the miles on the car, and dinner can be cooking while posting here and engaging with someone there.

Connecting with people in a simple yet engaging and authentic way is more possible than ever before. Today, not only can we still meet belly to belly, we can go keyboard to keyboard, picture to picture, video to video, and post to post.

Whether you’re an introvert or not, technology is our friend and an exciting way to build a network marketing business. Don’t let the unknown scare you into living small. Embrace it. Live large. Use it to expand your network and enhance your relationships, old and new. Stay conscious and focused, be present and authentic. How exciting to be able to live your life around making a living!

DEBI GRANITE owned different businesses before she became a network marketing professional. Today she is a top leader in her company who makes a difference by giving back and helping people remodel their lives.