Jackie Ulmer

An early adopter of technology, I took my network marketing business online long before social media existed. Technology totally changed my business for the better, because it allowed a stay‚Äďat-home mom with little children to expand my contacts and relationships around the world.

I quickly found out there were other moms scouring the Internet, looking for ways to make some extra money and build a business online.

After a short time of studying the methods some were using to “attract” people, pitching and advertising their opportunity, I did the exact opposite. I reached out to people personally, asked questions, and got to know them.

Just like we do offline, I built relationships with a new warm market. I found it easy to connect with others, because everyone likes to be “heard.” I discovered that instant messenger and email was a “safe zone” for many to share their hearts, desires, and ambition.
Today, making friends is even easier with social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, two of my favorites. Here are my tips for making the most of your social media time.

  1. Make a commitment to use social media and work to master the skills. Learn how to communicate your message and your brand effectively. Things don’t work the same way on different social media platforms, so take the time to figure out these differences.
  2. Schedule blocks of time for your most important activities, such as blogging and creating videos. Since Periscope and Facebook Live have become popular, make sure to add these to your schedule. You have to be consistent for social media to work.
  3. Work the less important but necessary activities—short status updates, commenting, and engaging with others—into blocks of time that are typically unproductive anyway. I do these things while “waiting” at kids’ activities, before appointments, in the grocery line, or riding in the car.
  4. Don’t let social media take over your life. Do what you need to do first on social media before you get caught up in drama and watching too many cute cat and dog videos. Those don’t build your business.
  5. Always remember there are live, breathing humans on the other end of every interaction, and that they will perceive you, your actions, and your business the same way they would offline. If all you do is sell, you will quickly turn off your friends and contacts.
  6. Use the platforms that work for your business and resonate with you. Don’t let “fear of loss” overtake you and make you feel you need to cram in one more social site. Most people have the time for only one or two platforms. That’s just fine!

JACKIE ULMER has been a network marketing professional of over 20 years. Six years in, she discovered the Internet. Today, she’s built a business that stretches across the globe using blogging, podcasting, and YouTube, all the while enjoying life with her family.