Carrie Dickie

Embracing technology without allowing it to change the DNA of my family and business relationships has not been easy for this baby-booming mother of two teenage boys. It involves setting my intention, using discipline and moderation, and implementing firm boundaries.

My intention is to use technology for its highest purpose, which is connection. It’s marvelous to be able to locate a long-lost friend or business associate at the touch of a button. It’s remarkable to be able to reach out and let someone know they are in your heart, mind, or prayers.

It is powerful to share the details of my business opportunity from the comfort of my home, and face to face with those with whom I partner. Mostly, I am delighted to be able to share myself with my team, showing them that my outsides are congruent with my insides, that what you see is what you get.

I let people know every day that they are special; that I may have the financial piece of my life figured out, but that I have challenges, thrilling times, and heartbreaks, just as they do. I use Facebook and Instagram to inspire, motivate, and lead people to their light.

I also use discipline and moderation. Let’s face it, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope can offer TMI—too much information. There have been times when I emerged from being online with a huge urge to “take a shower,” feeling that I had been places I shouldn’t have been invited to.

Each morning I greet my God, my dog, and my day. I roll through my gratitude list as I gaze at the stars, the moon, and the sun. I listen to the birds, the frogs, or the lawn mowers. I thank God for all that’s happening in my life, even if He is stretching me.

Technology is the very last thing I need when I am looking for inner peace. Instead I ask, “Where do You want me to go? What do You want me to do? What do You want me to say, and to whom?” This is how I set an intention for my day. I cherish and need this time in order to co-create the life I came here to live.

Only after this ritual do I reach for my devices and social media to connect with my fellow travelers. At this point I am properly “yoked” and better equipped to handle the assignments and challenges that come my way. I welcome the inspirations and motivations shared by my friends and colleagues.

My boys are always five steps ahead of me with technology. Sometimes they seem more connected to their devices than they are to their family and each other. The Internet, social media, and mobile phones have made it tough for parents to regulate, moderate, and insulate children from what is ugly in our world.

The best I can do is set an example and take responsibility for myself. This, I believe I do well. Technology and I are in balance.

CARRIE DICKIE is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who has built a multimillion-dollar network marketing business from her home in Southern California. Today she is getting up to speed with integrating technology and social media into her life and business.