Technology is a stepping stone, not the ultimate destination.

There are two ways to talk to prospects.

  1. Talk at the prospect.
  2. Talk with the prospect.

Talking at the prospect is one-way communication. There is no chance for active feedback. This is like the salesman who performs a monologue, never listening to the prospect. Here are some examples of talking at our prospects:


Our real job as network marketers is to solve other people’s problems. How can we solve their problems when we are not listening to them?

This one-way communication may be necessary for making the initial contact, but we want to move on from here. We want to graduate to a better level of communication, two-way communication.

Two-way communication means that we are talking with our prospect. There is active feedback. We are listening to the answers to our questions. We are listening for our prospect’s problems and how we can solve those problems.

Here are some examples of two-way communication: 

Our goal as network marketers is to choose the highest level of communication possible. Allow technology to help you reach that goal.

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