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"How Has Technology Changed Your Business?"

In this column we asked network marketing leaders and top achievers,

  • “How is technology changing your relationships—and the way you build your business—for the better?
  • What are some rules you live by or habits you have created for using technology without losing your humanity?
  • Could network marketing be the perfect business in an increasingly technological world—and if yes, why so?

Here are some of the answers we received.

A Better Way
By Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
Intention and Discipline
By Carrie Dickie
A Wealth of Tools
By Kathleen Deggelman
Effective Social Networking
By Jackie Ulmer
Some Things Never Change
By Alex Morton
Find Your Tribe
By Cindra Caverley
Stay Conscious and Focused
By Debi Granite
Grow and Embrace Change
By Nattida and Chad Chong
Let's Connect!
By Shari Kuster
Network Marketing Is the Next Normal
By Ali Mehdaoui
Same Message, More Power
By John Haremza
5 Rules to Avoid Distraction
By Simon Chan
Start the Conversation
By Luke Hessler
Don't Let Success Feed Your Ego
By Hayley Hobson
Greatest Tool—or Kiss of Death?
By Rob Sperry

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