Angela Maresca is a top-100 earner in a billion-dollar network marketing company she joined in January 2013. Initially looking to lose weight, she shared her product story with others, and eight months later, she had built a solid six-figure yearly income for her family. 

A year into the business, Angela achieved a top leadership rank in her company and spoke at her company convention in front of 4,000 people. A few months later, she retired her husband and was recognized as her company’s #1 enroller.

Angela attributes her meteoric rise to success to the work ethic she inherited from her immigrant family, her love of helping people, and the “golden opportunity” her company offers. —J.G.

Angela Maresca grew up in an immigrant household in Brooklyn, New York to two young parents from Lvov, Ukraine. They came to America in 1974 for a better life and greater opportunities than were available to them in the former USSR.

“When my mom first came to this country, she worked in a doll factory for $2.00 an hour,” says Angela. “My stepfather was a taxicab driver and both hardly knew any English, but their tireless work ethic and passion drove them to create a better life for us.”

Throughout Angela’s life her parents emphasized that hard work and getting a good education was the #1 priority in life, and that without it, you could not have a bright future. 

In 2001 Angela got a job with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services investigating child abuse and neglect. Her parents were ecstatic that she had found a job with a pension and benefits.

“I was thrilled to have joined a profession where I got to help people every day,” says Angela. “I continued to work on my Master’s degree, then proceeded to work on my Ph.D. so that I could live up to my parents’ dreams and earn a supervisory position.”

When Angela became a mother herself, investigating child abuse became difficult for her emotionally. “I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my child with strangers after witnessing some of the things that went on in the field, nor could I put an infant in day care,” she says. “It was not right for my family financially or emotionally. Unfortunately, in today’s workforce many parents are faced with the choice of either working full time or being a full-time parent.”

After spending many years in school and carrying more than $70,000 in student loans, Angela left her job and became a stay-at-home mom, depending on her husband’s truck driver’s salary with two kids.

“I loved being a mom and still do,” she says, “but every so often I would get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I was meant for something more than just surfing the internet and paying bills…”  

For approximately eight years, Angela stayed home with her children without a job or any income. Being unfulfilled, she started gaining weight.

“The pounds came on little by little, but my weight gain accelerated after I had my second child,” says Angela. “By age 38, I had tried every weight loss program and fad diet on the shelves of CVS. Attending a local  Zumba  school didn t make a dent in my weight or energy. I would lose 4 pounds and just as quickly regain five—and I had very little energy.”

In January 2013, Angela was tired of being exhausted and overweight. She felt stuck and was displeased with how she looked. When she saw a friend on Facebook mention a weight loss program, she decided to give it a try. Very quickly she felt her energy increase and her weight started going down. She remembers being shocked at the results she achieved in a short period of time.

Her third week on this program, she shared it with her mom and her husband, who as a truck driver had some of the poorest eating habits.

“It was amazing to see two people I love and care about get healthy before my eyes,” she says. “My husband who was always exhausted lost 11 pounds and was no longer tired. My mom who always complained of symptoms of aging stopped complaining and also lost weight.”

In the meantime, Angela had lost 28 pounds and people started noticing not just her weight loss, but also her change in attitude.

“The way I started my business is I began to help people just like me,” she says. “When a credit card came to my mailbox loaded with $212 of earnings, it was the cherry on the cake! I was pretty excited that as a stay-at-home mom, I was able to bring in some money for my family while helping others. My business totally rekindled my passion for helping people, which I had put on hold when I had given up being a social worker.”

Angela had never heard of network marketing, but it didn’t take her long to see the benefits of getting her product paid for, and even earning a few extra hundred dollars.

Angela’s Top 8 Teachings

  1. To be a leader, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go; what matters is how many people you can help across the finish line.
  2. Sharing the story and helping others is critical, but developing yourself and growing into the person others want to emulate is equally important.
  3. Remind yourself every day that you can do this. You deserve this opportunity. It is a gift, and others deserve to know about it, too.
  4. Don’t let rejection, lack of self-confidence, or insecurities from the past play a part in your present.
  5. Keep your daily practice simple: try new things, be open, say yes— and share your story with three people a day, whether on social media, at the gym, or in the grocery store.
  6. Have deep conversations so you can get to the root of someone’s problem and give them hope.
  7. Maintain a close relationship with your team. Support them with three-ways calls, welcome calls to new prospects, and training calls or videos to ensure everyone has the education they need. 
  8. Don’t ever give up! You found something so special, so incredible, that if it doesn’t work at first, get better, grow, learn, read books, listen to audios, emulate mentors, but don’t give up.

“Discovering a way to help people, stay at home with my kids, and earn an income at the same time was like finding solid gold,” she says. “We also had a great system and I was coachable enough to listen and learn. I kept on trying until I got better, and I still continue to grow every day.”

Today, sharing her story with prospects has become natural  and fun . Her favorite way to prospect is on social media, because she says “I can touch the most lives in the shortest amount of time.

“I also have a lot of respect for the old-school network marketers who went out and built it belly to belly, putting coins in pay phones, white pages in hand. I am so grateful to those who paved the way for us.”

When Angela meets someone new, she friends them on  Facebook, then continues to posts pictures and videos about her life, the stories, and her family who has been positively impacted by her business.

She can’t help but think that if someone had shared this opportunity with her family when they arrived in the U.S. 40 years ago, life would’ve turned out very different than her mom owning a small Russian bookstore and her stepfather driving a taxi. 

When Angela first started, she took a notebook and every night after her kids went to sleep, she would study the web sites  and listen to all the trainings her company offered.

“I recommend people use their company tools and take them seriously,” she says. “When my team grew bigger and it was time to have team calls,   I  didn’t know what to discuss, so I bought a book called Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell, and I literally read a chapter out of this book every week to my team.”

Angela also recommends Eric Worre’s  Go Pro book for its simple, basic steps. “The best way to create success,” she says, “is to duplicate  what worked for others, and model that for your team.”

She attributes part of her success to the hundreds, if not thousands, of life-changing conversations she has had with people everywhere.

“Each of those conversations made me better, stronger, tighter in my game, and more equipped to handle objections,” she says. “I became good at teaching others what’s necessary to grow. As long as there are humans roaming the face of the earth, you have leads and people to talk to, and it all starts with a simple Hello!”

Angela’s dream and vision is to continue to grow emotionally, physically, and financially. “I want to offer a life to my daughters where they can grow up and be whoever they choose to be in this world, as long as they help other people.

“I want to make my parents proud that the chance they took in moving to a new country did not go in vain. I want to help many more people on my team make that multiple-six-figure income, so that they too can live the life of their dreams. I want people to talk freely about this business and be proud of who they are.

“Where else can a stay-at-home mother from Brooklyn, NY create a multiple-six-figure income, retire her truck driver husband, buy their first house in the suburbs, and create a life of joy, freedom, and priceless memories for her family!

“Network marketing is a beautiful profession with no boundaries on how far you can go. As my mom and dad showed me, it’s all about hard work, dedication, and putting your heart into it.”