Pamela Barnum

As a network marketing professional, I’ve learned a lot about what motivates people—and what makes them settle for less than they deserve in life. So often we bury our inner greatness under the day-to-day routine that piles on top of us—the busyness that takes over our lives. Our calling as leaders is not only to refuse to settle for less than our God-given greatness, but also to help others who are in the same conundrum. How do we help people uncover their inner greatness? We accomplish this by helping them discover their purpose.

At our very core, we all need to matter. We need evidence to support our belief that we are good people, and that we are becoming the best we can be. Yet often we are crushed by the expectations we’ve allowed others to set for us—expectations that lead us to believe we need to build our lives around our careers, instead of the other way around.

Years ago this realization presented itself to me in the middle of a typical morning routine. As a federal prosecuting attorney, I was getting ready for court, rushing around to make it out the door in time. I was hurrying my then five-year-old son along when he looked up at me and asked, “Mommy, are we in a hurry again today?”

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Like a knife piercing through my heart, I realized I was giving up the best hours of my day to live a life I didn’t really want. My emotional need to live a life of purpose was not being met. Fortunately, becoming a professional network marketer has changed all of that for me, my family, and thousands of people who have joined us.

Helping people find their purpose is what network marketing is all about. Sure, we have wonderful products and services, but that’s not what keeps people around. What keeps them around is us and our ability to help them find what they were searching for.

Ultimately, living with purpose means focusing on the things that matter most. Ironically, these usually aren’t “things,” they are our relationships, our health, our happiness, and our contribution to others.

As network marketing leaders, our job is to help people find their purpose and pursue their passion.

If we can do that, people will be loyal customers or team members—and they will be inspired to share the news. The network marketing business model instills a desire within to help others, which is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. As network marketers we feel we’re part of a bigger cause. When helping people becomes your purpose, you will achieve everything you want. There is greatness inside of you. Embrace it, and help others do the same.

PAMELA BARNUM and her husband Kevin achieved millionaire status in their company in under four years. They have helped several of their business partners achieve a multiple-six-figure income. Pamela just released her first book, A Lawyer’s Case for Network Marketing.