Ferdie Tolentino

Everyone knows business success requires a positive emotional state. Our positively contagious attitude will determine our altitude in life.  We will experience positive and negative emotions in network marketing. How we handle these emotions will significantly affect our success and failure in building strong teams.

After attending several trainings, reading books, and experiencing building my network, I made the decision at one point in my career to be a better person and leader, and promised myself I would never be pessimistic again.

Many distributors tend to give up easily in network marketing, because of the unexpected negative responses of prospects to their newfound business. When you call some candidates, and you get three consecutive no’s, probably you will be the fourth person who will say no to the business. We have to be proactive with our new people and prepare them to be ready to encounter these kinds of reactions. Surely, we can handle negative emotions with our strong determination to succeed and focus on the ultimate goal of achieving our biggest dreams. 

Setbacks and Comebacks
Never give up and always have a heart of coming back. We need to be strong emotionally, and have the courage to face day-to-day challenges, which have to do with the fact that many people don’t yet understand our growing business model.

We need to be ready to be ridiculed and to be misunderstood, even by our closest friends and relatives.

When people closest to me rejected me, I felt bad. Early on, I invited one of my very close friends to a meeting. I assumed he would join me at once. However, after my presentation, he asked me why I was doing this business. He even said that, if I needed the money, he could help me. He even asked, “Did you lose your job?” and “Why are you doing this kind of business?

Eventually, I learned that in our business rejections are normal. Yet we need to be positive, all the time. Amazingly people joined me and worked with me as they saw my excitement in the business. Today they can feel and see that I am 100 percent committed and will do anything and everything to make this work. It’s a catch 22: they think, “If we don’t join, Ferdie might make this work, and we may not be able to enjoy the benefits that will come to him. If we do join, and the business does not work for us, at least we got some products and we are happy we joined him. “

In most of my presentations, people laugh and enjoy the way I tell my story. People laugh and cry over our previous situations in life. We see hope in the newfound vehicle and dream big again. Most people like stories of dream, struggles, and hope.  

We Get to Choose Whom to Work With
Through the years, I have learned the value of sifting and sorting through people so as to find those we want to work with and be part of our team. While our profession requires us to build a huge and strong team, we can choose the people who are ready to face the inevitable challenges. 

While “mentoring without monitoring is nothing,” our people need to feel that we are their mentors and not their tormentors. Becoming mentors to our distributors allows us to neutralize any negativity that comes up in them. They understand that we do this because we care—and dare them to achieve their goals. I am happiest when I see people changing their lives. Conversely, it takes a toll on me when people have not yet performed greatly towards the level they can attain. It requires continuous hope, trust, and open-mindedness to see individuals succeed.

Choose Positive Emotions
Thanks to our positive emotions, we can become so powerful that we are able to move people towards where they want to go. One year when we were starting in our business, we had a negative write-up in a major newspaper. We regularly had 700 to 1,000 people attending our Business Previews. We were positively motivated because the business was growing. But due to this negative publicity, only 40 people showed up at the next event. Most of them were down and confused, but we still wanted to pursue what we planned. Instead of backing down, we stood firm, and showed our positive emotions:  full resolution, determination, excitement, and the conviction that this is the best time to do it, as we have no more competition within. We promised that we would be the biggest team in our company. We needed to trust that the company would surely find a way to correct the negative impressions of the media. We continued to build our business—and our business grew, because we chose to be positive!

We need to translate our positive emotions into powerful actions.  We need to teach our business partners not to be bothered by these situations, but instead focus on the necessary actions so that we are back again, ready to be better than before, because we deserve where God wants us to be, to be victorious where we are, with the people we are with.

Forgetting the Past
“But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.” (Philippians 3:13b). There will be temporary failures along the way, but I will never quit and will always strive to become better and improve the situation.  I have learned to move ahead in any given situation.

I have always prayed and asked for wisdom and guidance from God. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Every time I fail, I ask God for wisdom and direction. Then, I am back on my feet, ready to work hard to achieve my new goals, to restart, relaunch, and rebuild again. Victory assured!

FERDINAND TOLENTINO is an active network marketing leader with a large organization in Asia and the Middle East. An industrial engineer with an MBA, Ferdie has been chairman of his church for the past 23 years. He lives in the Philippines with his wife and three daughters.