Julie Hansberry

Whether we like to admit it or not, everything we do in our lives is tied to an emotion. This certainly applies to my journey in network marketing. I reached success once I became emotionally connected to my business. To explain, let me share some of my story.

Thanks, but no thanks...
I originally met my sponsor while playing tennis. Everyone told me to “avoid her like the plague,”because all she was going to do was try to recruit me into her business. I let others’ emotional reaction to this women dictate my response to her. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but knew I didn’t want that...whatever “that” was.

Sure enough, over time, she approached me about her business. I politely declined (not even knowing what I was saying “no thanks” to), however, she was fun to play tennis with, and because we actually had a lot in common, we became great friends.

Then my friend needed a favor...
One day she called. She said she knew I had no interest in her business, and she respected that, but would I be willing to do her a favor? There was a “big leader” coming to town for a “big event,” and she needed to fill seats. She really wanted to get this leader’s attention, but no guests meant no attention.

Talk about some major emotional pressure here! The need to feel accepted, included. Remember how terrible it felt when you weren’t accepted? And how good it feels to help a friend in need? My friend needed me, she had helped me before, and she added that she would be willing to buy me lunch, dinner, wine—whatever I wanted—to give her a couple hours of my time on a Saturday afternoon. How could I say no to that? So off I went...

Determined NOT to feel a thing...
I went to the meeting determined to prove once and for all that whatever “it” was that my friend was involved in, was not for me. However, what she didn’t know was this...

At the time, I was a bored housewife “looking for something.” I was missing my own personal identity outside of raising kids, being a wife, and so on. My kids didn’t need me as much anymore, but they still needed me at home, and I wanted to be there. My husband traveled 80 percent of the time; and we moved a lot—12 times in 26 years. And frankly, I wasn’t willing to give up my tennis time either. Traditional employment, for many reasons, would not be a good fit. I simply didn’t have time to be a good employee.

So there I sat; listening; prepared to be bored. The first speaker began telling his story, and it was as though he were speaking right at me! Then someone else told theirs, and then another. And as much as I didn’t want to be interested or like what they were sharing with me, they were basically reviewing my personal checklist of what I was looking for! Flexible schedule and work from home—check. No inventory—check. No degree required—check. Every “need” or want I had—check. As the saying goes, “Facts tell; stories sell.” I was sold! Network marketing was everything I had been looking for, and more!

This profession spoke to me... And everything I was looking for, I felt!
So I got started. And what started out as something I wanted to do “for fun” became so much more. I quickly learned how powerful this profession was for changing lives, not just financially, but emotionally. I quickly became a fan of personal development, embraced it, and got to work on myself, for the first time in a long time. Even more exciting than witnessing my own personal growth, was witnessing others develop and grow into the people they were truly meant, and desired, to be. Together with others, we began to live our lives by design, not default, regardless of our circumstances.

But then I hit a wall...
Three years into my new, chosen profession, I honestly felt lost. I loved this profession, but something was missing, a void I couldn’t identify, and it was holding me back. I was at a crossroads.

It was about this time that I was introduced to another network marketing product. I began using the product as a customer. I recognized it as something I personally needed and would benefit from using (our profession does have some of the most amazing products!). Then, naturally (because isn’t that what we do?), I began sharing it. But something was different this time: I was sharing a product with more enthusiasm and excitement than ever before. I was more upbeat, smiling more, and could feel a much more positive energy and emotional vibration surround me. Everything around me started to align.

I started to connect with people on a deep, emotional level in a way I had never experienced before.
This was the missing link! Suddenly, everything became easier. I realized I was simply not with the right company, and when I followed my heart (I became a distributor for the product I fell in love with), things began to fall into place like they never had before.

I truly believe that skill set, on its own, will only take you so far. Perhaps that is why traditional sales people typically have initial success in our profession, but then hit that wall. If you aren’t connected to your company, its culture, its products, your experiences, and your prospects and team members on an emotional level, it will be much more difficult to build long-term success in this profession. As the saying goes, network marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached.

In order to grow your network marketing business, you need to grow as a person, and every part of that journey will have an emotion tied to it. Are you emotionally connected to your business?

JULIE MILLER-HANSBERRY is a wife, mom, and network marketing professional. Born in Pennsylvania, USA, Julie has lived in three Asian countries, and plans to continue exploring the world. Very adaptable, she embraces change and out-of-the-box thinking.