Doug Firebaugh

Emotions are the power core of recruiting. Period.

There have been so many people I have been blessed to recruit when the power of the emotion was the driving force in the process. My emotions and their emotions. Many folks think that the power is in the software, the home party, or the one-on-one meeting, or even a chance conversation. For recruiting, these can be powerful tools and events. But without the power of emotion behind them, they usually are merely an exercise in futility.

There are what I call the “Three E’s” in recruiting and sponsoring that must be present in order for you to become “magnetic” and draw people into your communication. Here they are:

  1. Emotions.
    We are a profession based on emotion and actions. The recruiter’s emotions are critical. There must be the emotion of hope and a better future. There also must be for the prospect the emotion of curiosity, as that is what draws them towards you as you approach them.

    Words or images alone are just that—words and images. But when you combine them with emotion, you create impact. That is why pictures can move people, and so can words, when the emotional impact stirs the prospect’s emotions.

    Your prospects’ dreams are highly emotional for them, as that is what their heart is connected to. When you are recruiting, and you take them to that place in their mind of their dream accomplished, it can be highly emotional for them, and they will attach that feeling or emotion of “it can happen!” to you and your business. This is why some people are such powerful recruiters. They mentally anchor their prospect to that place he or she truly wants to go in life, and the prospect attaches that emotion to the recruiter. That’s when prospects move towards you, because of that tangible hope of achieving that dream or place in their life.

  2. Energy.
    Emotions can create powerful energy in a person and prospect. Energy is the “accelerator” of recruiting, as it accelerates the person’s mind and heart towards the possibilities of what your business and products have to offer.

    I am not talking about some ethereal energy. I am talking about physical and heart energy, the kind of energy that people can feel emanating from you. They feel it in your words, and from your presence—whether online or offline.

    First there must be the energy of the leader going out to the prospect. Your job is to move people, not just to inform them. This energy emanating from your words, eyes, and spirit can activate someone’s dormant dreams, and even activate their imagination after it has been shut down by life. Energy from you pouring into a person can not only accelerate and activate a person’s dreams and decisions, it will also captivate them as you speak on a video, or face to face.

    If you want to increase your recruiting results, get your emotions and energy in sync and do not hold back. Pour hope, direction, and destiny into them. Let them feel where you can take them with your business, and let them see it in their imagination. Then have your phone, computer, or form ready to enroll them.

  3. Enlargement.
    Emotions are the drivers to create an environment of “enlargement.” You must become an Enlarger of people and their destinies. Emotions can be natural expanders and enlargers of people’s dreams, as well as of how people see themselves.

    The process of enlarging who people are, is driven by words and emotions. One of the most powerful phrases I teach for recruiting is this:

    “I wish you could see you through my eyes. I see someone with an incredibly successful business and life. I see a natural leader waiting to show up. If those things were to happen, how would you feel? I can help you get there…”

    That is pure e-motion or “energy in motion.” Enlarging someone’s view of themselves is what smart recruiters do. Emotions stretch people, move people, and can even challenge people to think and see a reality greater than life.

    Enlarge their possibilities by what has enlarged yours. Enlarge their emotions by pouring in yours. Enlarge their vision of life by painting that picture in their mind with your words. Enlarge what they are focused on; tell them that it can be bigger, better, and bolder. “And if it were—imagine how that would feel...”

You recruit people first through emotions, and then through information. Many of us think it is the reverse—but it is not. The power of your emotions is the magnetism of your business and leadership. No emotions, then little if any magnetism.

One final thought on emotions. They can work against you as well—if you are not aware of them.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone carrying the last five “no’s” into the next conversation. The emotions attached to the word “no” can sometimes hinder and stifle recruiting.

Here is a million-dollar question: How does the word “no” affect you? Find out and be truthful. You may be surprised that you are carrying emotions around with you that you are not even aware of. Clear yourself of them. Leave them behind. Focus on what is getting ready to happen, not what has not happened.

Emotions are the power core of recruiting. They are either the power of doubt and excuses—and in that grave your business lies (ouch!)—or the power of success that “will not be denied.”

DOUG FIREBAUGH has been a coach to networking professionals and a veteran networker himself for 28 years. He also is an author, a cofounder of the Home Business Radio Network, and the show host for the daily radio talk show “The Millionaire Road.”