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"How Do We Harness the Power of Emotion?"

We live in a “vibrational” universe. Everything is energy that vibrates at a certain speed. We mainly perceive this through our emotions. The more we can learn to be aware of our emotions, and the more we can manage our emotional state, the better we become at “attracting” what we want, including people we resonate with. The more attuned we are to others’ emotions, the more successful we will be at helping them get what they want, through asking questions and deep listening. In this column we explore the power of emotion as it applies to growing our business and creating the life we want.

The Magnetism of Recruiting
By Doug Firebaugh
Are You Emotionally Connected to Your Business?
By Julie Miller-Hansberry
The Power of Positivity
By Ferdinand Tolentino
Make Your Offer Emotionally Compelling
By Walter Nusbaum
Help Others Find Their Purpose
By Pamela Barnum

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