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Dr. Josephine Gross
Dr. Josephine Gross

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Agreement or Alignment?
Dr. Josephine Gross
Leaders are responsible for setting and articulating an intent around which people can align, but how to actualize that intent is better left up to each personís unique strengths and creativity.

WORD OF WISDOMSubscriber Only
On Diversity and Inclusion
Memorable quotes by Mohandas K. Gandhi, Maya Angelou, Cesar Chavez, and others.

OUR TIMESSubscriber Only
"How do we create an inclusive culture?"
If network marketing leaders could build a stronger culture of inclusion (instead of inadvertently alienating certain groups of people), do you think their teams would grow more quickly? In this column we asked leaders what steps we can take to recognize unconscious bias, embrace differences, and promote inclusion.

  • Mark Parsekian, A Culture Based on Global Friendships
  • Marijke Beerens Long, Come from a Place of Equality
  • Ray Flynn, Diversity at Boston City Hall and in Life
  • Dennis Kluver, Offering Hope to the World
  • Kimmy Brooke, a Feeling of Belonging...
  • Simon Chan, 5 Pillars of a Winning Team Culture


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