Before network marketing, Kanesha Morrison was a stay-at-home mom who had tried her hand at little startups without much success. Since age 16 she knew she was an entrepreneur at heart. She also needed to be part of a community of likeminded people to persevere in the face of numerous challenges.

When Kanesha came across a “Work from Home” ad on Craigslist, she was intrigued and started dabbling in a few network marketing companies. It wasn’t until she met her current upline, Amber Voight, that she understood she had to overcome some deep-rooted limiting beliefs before she could create the life she desired.

Kanesha committed and went to work on herself. With lots of patience and encouragement she assembled a small team using Facebook and local networking. Today she has reached an advanced rank in her company and is well on her way to the top, while inspiring and helping other moms and families to attain a level of time and financial freedom they never dreamt was possible.

Originally from Mississippi, Kanesha moved around a lot of as a child in different parts of Atlanta, GA, which she considers her home state. She was raised in a single-mother household with her three siblings.

“My mother was very ambitious,” says Kanesha. “She saw her dreams and went for them with four kids in tow. We lived in the best home possible for a middle class family and owned whatever car my mother had set her mind on.”

Kanesha became pregnant as a teenager and dropped out of college because of health issues. “My baby was so excited to meet mommy I started to dilate at 16 weeks. With low blood counts and high blood pressure, I was on strict bedrest, unable to earn a living, and bored out my mind.”

Without any savings and often lacking money for food, Kanesha and her husband were struggling to make ends meet.

“Living in a small, roach-infested home was not the idea my mom had for her daughter,” says Kanesha. “She worried so much about me, but I knew I had a dream that would one day come true, and I would just have to stick it out until things got better.”

Kanesha’s husband was working as hard as he could, but at minimum wage it was difficult to get ahead. Desperate to make extra money, Kanesha made a couple of attempts at starting her own business, like creating her own t-shirt line, but nothing worked and the investments she made put her even deeper in debt.

“I also was a job hopper,” she says. “You named it, I tried it. I worked as a childcare provider for two years. I did debt collection. I worked at a law firm for a year, then in fast food. A few weeks into each job, I would want to be home with my kids, so I would quit. Then bills would pile up, so I would go back to work.”

By age 22, Kanesha had three children under the age of five and no paycheck. “Living off my hubby, I wasn’t raised that way,” she says. “I was broke and broken. I really wanted to own my own time. I knew $8.00 an hour was not going to pay the bills and create the life I was longing for. I wanted to be the owner and do things my way.”

When Kanesha found network marketing, she was sold on the promise of freedom. Her children needed her daily, and her husband’s salary was so low they could not afford childcare.

“With state assistance being denied, I knew it was the right thing for me to do,” she says. “I jumped in and out of network marketing for three years. I would always make my starter kit money back, but never made a long-term commitment.”

Kanesha knew that in order to succeed she had to reprogram her mind.

“I had to tell myself I was worthy and could do this. Although I had worked with other leaders before, my upline Amber Voight was the first to ever reach down and help me. When she added me to her Facebook group, I finally felt a part of something bigger.”

Getting Started
To help Kanesha change her belief system, Amber had her watch The Secret and assigned her books to read such as Think and Grow Rich and How a Man Thinketh.

Seeing others adding people to their teams made Kanesha want to do the same. “We were really on one mission,” she says, “all working toward the same dreams and goals. You could post any question in the group and there was always someone there, eager to help. We all loved to serve one another. It was a high in the group like I never experienced.

“I lived in an area where people would not even listen to what I had to say, let alone pay for my product. To change my thinking I watched The Secret every night for 30 days. My hubby thought I was nuts, but I was simply reprograming myself. Next, I made myself go out and be around people who were willing to invest in my product.”

Kanesha would go to mommy groups every week to connect with women in more affluent parts of town. She would visit the same shops once a week with her kids and bond with the owners. She also went to church on Wednesday nights, where she enjoyed a free weekly dinner and worship.

“I got to know some of the members, and most of them I’m still connected to now,” she says. “They all had their problems, but nothing like mine—electricity being shut off or no money for food. Seeing how they changed their lives through their jobs, I was determined to change mine through my business. It was hard, but so worth it.”

Daily Actions
Kanesha committed to adding five new people a day on Facebook, interacting with whoever showed up in her timeline, as well as posting and buying on buy/sale/trade websites.

“I love a good hand-me-down and most of the sellers needed money,” she says, “so they were the perfect people to talk to. The women at my OB/GYN office needed money as well. I would give them my card and a catalog, and ‘friend’ them on Facebook right then and there. I had a smile on my face and was genuinely excited to meet them, and they could feel that. 

“I wanted to get my name out there, so that when they thought of my company, they thought of me. I was focused on getting my card in as many hands as possible every day. Now I’m teaching my team how to do this.

“We sometimes volunteer at women shelters to show other women a better way. I chose low-income areas because I could relate to what these women were going through. I could show them how to use their pain and make it their gain to get out of their situation. I found this business brought me healing, so I made it my mission to heal others in return.”

Today Kanesha spends most of her time on social media, following up with customers and prospects, training her team, and doing three-way calls.

“One thing that has not changed is my personal development,” she says. “I have to stay plugged in to keep my mind in the game. Change takes time, and I was still living in the same area, so I could easily slip back into negative thinking. I had to keep a personal development book in my hand and the bible in my heart, because the Lord has promised us greatness and I was standing on that.”

Growing a Following
Kanesha lives by the saying, “Five leads a day keeps the money coming your way.” She keeps adding new people on Facebook every day: friends of friends, or people she shares common interests with. “There are Facebook groups for pretty much anything,” she says. “Just search and add yourself to a group, then start liking and commenting on other people’s posts and make friends.”

Kanesha strongly believes in asking for referrals and attending live events. She exhibits her products at several women’s expos every year, mainly in fall and winter when the kids are in school. In April 2015, she was able to retire her husband from his job, which allows her the freedom to visit her teams in different parts of the country.

Kanesha’s favorite prospecting approach is attraction marketing. “It simply means people coming to you (instead of you going out to them), because they like what you represent on social media. I personally have never had to approach someone first about the business. I have recruited 118 people and they all came to me, because they liked what I post.

“The next step is to empower them by making them feel that they can do what I do. I keep it simple and fun, and I frequently share where I come from so I can continue to be relatable. If you are authentic and true to yourself online, people will want to be part of what you’re doing.” 

Duplication and Leadership
Kanesha teaches her team how to apply the Law of Attraction by having everyone watch The Secret and speak daily affirmations.

“Our business is so simple many tend to overthink it,” she says. “I do the same for my team as my leader Amber Voight did for me. She taught me what it meant to invest in myself in a way I wouldn’t have done before, whether it’s buying myself a nicer watch or taking time to grow myself. She showed me the importance of going to company conventions and being around likeminded people who are all going after the same dream, which is to change as many lives as possible through our company’s mission.

To provide leadership, Kanesha does conference calls, one-on-one trainings, group webinars, and Facebook group chats.

“I’m always in their face,” she says. “I post a lot of training. I often joke and say, ‘If my people quit, it’s not because they didn’t have the training, because I give tons.’ I tell them, ‘Just pick one thing from the list of trainings, like Making time on your calendar to blitz, or Doing 10 home parties a month for a full-timer, and do it over and over again.’

“My leader taught me how to dig deep in myself, and prove myself to myself. Then show people what you stand for by being positive and creating solutions to problems rather than complaining about them. Simply be you out loud and be proud. It’s not faking it until you make it, if that’s what’s really in your heart. That’s who you truly are inside, and you are just waiting for the Universe to bring it to you.”