Simon Chan

As a network marketing leader you must create a winning culture in your business. What exactly does this look like? You must create a culture that includes people from different backgrounds and philosophies. It’s the differences and diversity that make a team powerful and magical.

A big mistake new leaders often make is they only look for people who think like them, or worse, “yes men” who agree with everything. When this happens, you lose out on the potential benefits of leveraging other people’s talents and insights. A winning team includes members from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and types of thinking, because the members complement each other.

How do you get a diverse team to jell and work together? Start by implementing these five pillars to build a solid team.

  1. Common Cause

    Does your team have a common cause everyone is willing to get behind? Whether it is financial freedom or spreading better health (if you’re in a wellness company), you must have a rallying cry that gets your people to bond and fight side by side during good and bad times.

  2. Fulfillment

    The difference between distributors who stay versus those who quit is fulfillment. Do your members feel fulfilled? We all know distributors who haven’t made much money, but stayed committed while others quit, even though they were already earning checks. The feeling of fulfillment allows your team members to stay active, so that sooner or later they will learn the skills to be successful. Money alone won’t keep them in the game, since most of us are surrounded by negativity, but fulfillment helps people stay committed and not give up on their dreams so easily.

    Fulfillment can be achieved by making your team members feel they are part of a common cause (Pillar 1) or they are growing every day. Every time we realize we are growing and getting better, we become more fulfilled and happier. I learned this lesson when one of my top leaders achieved his first $1,000 weekly check. He said that the last time he felt so fulfilled was when he made the high school baseball team. Earning that check meant more to him than graduating from college or getting his first job. He said it was the first time in a long time he felt special, because he saw himself grow into the person who is capable of earning a $1,000 weekly check in network marketing.

  3. Personal Development

    One of the best ways to create the personal growth and the feeling of fulfillment is through self-development. Your new team member may not know much about personal development since it’s not emphasized in schools, so it’s up to you to emphasize it. If you grow people’s minds, you’ll eventually grow their incomes.

  4. Products

    Your company’s products must be at the core of your team culture. Your team must use, love, and be passionate about the products. You create a product culture by emphasizing the products as much as possible: you talk about your products, consume them in public, teach your team how to get results with them, and always look for new product testimonials.

    A good question to ask yourself to find out if you’re building a business based on products is, “Will the people on my team still use the products, even if they quit the business?”

    If they don’t, then you’re not building a product-based culture. You want to build the belief so strong that even if they quit, they’ll continue to use the products. When you do this, not only will you create a residual income for yourself, but more importantly, you’ll be able to have a lasting impact on someone through your product benefits. You’ll fulfill your common cause or “rallying cry.”

  5. Community and Events

    Create a team where people enjoy spending time together. The business can’t be serious all the time and must have a fun element, because it’s the relationships that will keep a distributor going during tough times. You can easily do this by creating social gatherings where you don’t talk about the business, but let people bond. Often these also happen to be the events where your distributors learn the most, because these gatherings provide an informal training atmosphere. The trainings that had the most impact on my teams were always the ones that occurred during the dinners and get-togethers where everyone shared stories.

“What about the Money?”
Money and the pursuit of financial freedom are important, but they can’t be the foundation for your team culture. One reason is that for most distributors, it takes time to learn the skills to be successful. If the business is too money-focused, people will quit before the money starts flowing.

Consider how much money the average distributor makes in the first 90 days. For most, it’s not much. Personally, I earned $0 my first two months, but only got going after the third month. It took me time to learn the skills and, most importantly, the discipline to stay focused as an entrepreneur. Most of my top leaders also took time to develop. If I hadn’t created the team culture to create the fulfillment they felt, they would have quit and they would have never achieved the success they did.

Also, life is about more than money. Your business will be much stronger in the long term if you provide fulfillment and create belief around a common cause; if you let people connect and build friendships by sharing their experiences around a product.

If you’re reading this, you already know you’re not in network marketing just for the money. It’s the fulfillment and the enjoyment of being part of a team that keeps you going and makes you a serious student of the profession. So how can you start implementing these five pillars today and create a winning culture in your team?

SIMON CHAN is the founder of MLM NATION, the #1 MLM training on iTunes. He’s a coach, trainer, and online marketer who helps MLM distributors find more prospects, sponsor more people, and create duplication.