Dennis Kluver

Commerce would stop if it weren’t for salespeople and advertising. As network marketers, we offer both services by building our businesses. How much more exciting does it get when we can expand our business to the entire world?

Every human being in the world needs food, clothing, and shelter. All of these basic requirements come by way of people exchanging services in the marketplace.

The 45 years of experience I have had working in network marketing has truly helped me appreciate the importance of sharing this concept with the entire world. Our travels to Uganda in East Africa and to Egypt, among many other places, have given us an appreciation for how different people may appear, how differently they may dress, speak, or act, based upon their own traditions; yet all people are essentially the same. Yes, the world can benefit from the “sharing concept” that is at the core of network marketing.

Can you see the hope this offers to the world? We are people helping other people to get the things out of life they truly need. I sometimes try to imagine how we could sell everything using the network marketing business model. This pipedream might not be possible or practical, but thankfully, more and more goods are now being sold through network marketing.

I have discovered that international network marketing adds a spice to life. Imagine going to a convention and meeting people in your organization from many other countries. Working as a team—no matter which country your downline is from—makes for awesome excitement and is so rewarding!

Always keep in mind: Loving people is the fundamental requirement to loving network marketing. I love Zig Ziglar’s famous saying, “To the extent that you help other people get what they want, you will get what you want, and that requires team work from beginning to end.”

I love our business and plan to stick with it until I take my last breath. I have no intent of ever retiring, not when I can make a difference in other people’s lives to help better our world. Don’t underestimate the power you have to improve our world through network marketing. Whatever you do, enjoy the journey, because life is short and you only go around once. Make it good and make a difference!

At Anastasiya (Russian) and Immanuels (Mexican) wedding, a young couple in Dennis and Merlies downline. At Anastasiya (Russian) and Immanuel’s (Mexican) wedding, a young couple in Dennis and Merlie’s downline.
Great-grandpa Kluver with two sets of twins from his granddaughter, Tiffany. Great-grandpa Kluver with two sets of twins from his granddaughter, Tiffany.


DENNIS KLUVER grew up on a farm in the 1930s as the oldest of eight children. After an 8-year enlistment in the U.S. Air Force (during the Korean War) he attended the University of Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education.

Dennis spent two and a half years as an Agricultural County Assistant Agent, then decided to pursue his love for teaching Farm Management in Kenyon, Minnesota. A special opportunity allowed him to join the University of West Virginia to teach Agricultural Engineering in Uganda, East Africa. He completed his contract in Africa in 1969 and pursued his Doctoral Degree at Washington State University in Agricultural Economics. In 1971, he filled a teaching position at the Community Colleges of Spokane, staying for 25 years teaching Farm Management until he retired in July 1996.

Dennis had discovered network marketing in 1969 when returning from Uganda. He has maintained a passion for the business ever since—47 years of fun, he says. At 82 years of age, he lives network marketing every day of his life, working his business 12 to 14 hours a day with passion and perseverance.

Dennis and his wife, Merlie, have raised three daughters and one son, and have enjoyed 60 years of happy married life. They have 15 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren.