Mark Parsekian

When I was a young boy, I had a dream of traveling the world, making friends, and helping people, animals, and the environment. It was a simple dream, perhaps not that realistic or feasible, but typical of a boy that age. Growing up, I figured if I just followed my heart to make a difference, the money would come.

I was fascinated with books and stories about faraway lands, people, and cultures. I had a strong interest in visiting places like Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Fast-forward to today, and thanks to my current profession, purpose, and lifestyle, I have woven a beautiful tapestry of diverse friendships throughout the world, harnessing the amazing power of networking and building teams, embracing diversity and supporting inclusion of people the world over. 

Network marketing and direct sales epitomize the spirit of diversity and inclusion at their best! It is a people-to-people business, based on the organic development of friendships, trust, and communication of ideas. It’s about sharing products or services and helping others succeed in life. By helping others win and making them happy, I also win and become happy. 

Our business offers an opportunity for anyone—young or old, rich or poor, male or female, part-time or full-time, regardless of special needs or level of education. Unlike many other business models, network marketing is truly global in scope and allows all motivated individuals to achieve their dreams. Teamwork is the foundation to success and inclusion is the lifeblood of teamwork.

Network marketing is a transformational vehicle that can help effect positive change among people all over the world... very quickly. It is a subculture that welcomes individual differences while promoting a global message. Simply put, if you have friends or a team in other countries, you don’t want to go to war there or inflict suffering upon them.

Society, politics, and business at large don’t easily embrace “otherness.” History has shown us the great struggles individuals have faced when standing alone to champion the ideals of diversity and the importance of inclusion. Yet they are a prerequisite for creating a peaceful and sustainable world.

I have cultivated many close friendships with people all over the world by attending large international networking events. These events are like mini World Fairs or United Nations summits, where people who are very different gather around a common vision. It’s a wonderful experience that gives us a glimpse into what global peace and harmony could look and feel like. Our business gives each of us the ability to become an ambassador of peace by extending friendship to include others who are different from ourselves.

As a young network marketer starting out at age 25, I failed my way to success. With the benefit of hindsight, I now know I would have done things differently; however, the greatest asset I had is that I truly cared about people and their dreams. I embraced everyone and celebrated the diversity of our team. Today we have global calls with people dialing in from all over the world. It’s exciting to work together and build more human connections! I have learned that successful network marketers embrace differences and support all kinds of people. They build bridges and consensus. They focus on what unites us, not what divides us.

Nowadays, I travel to many countries I used to dream about when I was young. If there is one thing I have found that stays consistent among people globally, it’s that we all wish for the same things in life—despite our differences. We want love, happiness, community, health, family, peace, and financial stability. These are the things we cherish for ourselves, for our families, and for our friends.

I enjoy experiencing new cultures and inspiring others to achieve their dreams. When people ask me what I do for a living, I like to say, “I travel the world and make friends for a living.”

MARK PARSEKIAN has been a successful network marketer for several decades. He has opened countries, built large domestic and international organizations, and served on company advisory boards. He has been founding distributor of several companies, is owner of a Boston-based business brokering and consulting firm, is a contributing writer on natural health issues, and a motivational speaker on team-builing techniques. He lives in Milton, MA, with his wife Erin and son Liam.