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Susan Sly
Susan Sly

Ready for Some Tough love?
Susan Sly
To become an effective coach, first be highly coachable yourself. Pursue knowledge and leave your ego at the door. The best coaches are students first and teachers second.

On Coaching
Memorable quotes by John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, and others.

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"How Do We Step up Our Game as Coaches?"
Ray Higdon, My Top 6 Coaching Tips
Denice Chenault, Start with Yourself
Sonia Stringer, Training vs. Transformation
Simon Chan, 10 Steps to Be a Better Coach
Andrea Boulder, Athlete to Entrepreneur
Leslie Hocker, Empower Your Team
Joseph Bismark, Custom Coaching
Lisa Jimenez, Total Immersion Coaching
Pasha Carter, From "Me" to "We"
Kimmy & Richard Brooke, A Quantum Leap Approach
Brian Carruthers, Are You Coachable?


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