Lisa Jimenez

Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, and even the late Steve Jobs all hired coaches. Many top earners in network marketing work with coaches. Why would the mega successful need a coach? Because they understand everyone has blind spots and a skilled coach can see what they don’t see in themselves.

When a leader realizes this and rectifies it by working with a coach (who has the courage to call them out on their blind spots as well as cultivate their talents and gifts) the leader creates a level of inevitability to their success.

For me, the most effective style of coaching is what I call total immersion. First, my clients spend a full day with me or a full week at one of my retreats. This gives them the opportunity to be completely self-expressed and share authentically.  They share their goals, why they want them, and what may hold them back.

This total immersion experience gives me, their coach, the opportunity to listen between the words, identify patterns of resistance and self-sabotage, discover untapped potential, and perhaps offer an expanded version of their goals. Together, we create a concrete vision (a story) of their ideal life and we stand in the reality of that vision. Then, we work backwards and answer the questions, “What had to happen three months before this? And three months before that?” We continue working backwards in three month segments from their goals achieved to the present—which creates our 90-day plan of action.

From this structure, we move into weekly—sometimes daily—coaching calls. These calls are short and cover the facts: what actions were taken (or not taken); what results (or lack thereof) were produced; and most importantly, what do we notice about those facts? Facts leave clues! Then, we make adjustments and chip away at anything that doesn’t align with the goal and the image of their ideal life.

A great coach has the courage to say what most people won’t. A coach’s job is not to be liked, but to get results through causing breakthroughs for their clients. Coaches do this best by not making a big deal about what their clients share with them. They neutralize what occurs and offers their client great courage to just face it, deal with it, and create from it.

It goes without saying that you need a great deal of trust and respect to be effective in your coaching. That trust and respect doesn’t come from a slick brochure or website. It comes from the coach being in action in their own life and creating their own breakthroughs and high-level results. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you want to be an effective coach, be willing to be coached yourself, first.

For me, there is no better feeling than to know I had a part of helping another person achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves along the way.

LISA JIMENEZ is author of Conquer Fear, Don’t Mess with the Princess, and Slay the Dragon.  Having grown a successful business and raised three children as a single mom, Lisa can teach you how to break through fear and limiting beliefs to radically transform your business and life.