Joseph Bismark

Coaching is like tailoring a suit. The tailor makes the suit according to the client’s specification. Custom tailoring entails a higher level of client’s involvement in the production process. Same goes for coaching.

To be an effective coach, you need to tailor your coaching style to your students’ needs. You need to know what inspires them, what motivates them, and what they want to achieve for themselves. You need to be able to help them conquer their doubts, apprehensions, and fears. This is what will make your students trust and respect you.

Coaching only works if your students wholeheartedly accept you as their coach and everything about your coaching methodology. It’s a mentor-mentee relationship based on acceptance, trust, and commitment. An athlete does not defy his coach when he asks him to do a hundred push-ups. An athlete does not go sulking when his coach tells him he has yet to measure up to the best in his field. It’s because the coach is the rightful authority on keeping things real, which includes telling you what you don’t want to hear, if that will push you towards your own betterment.

In network marketing, it’s the business of the networker to find, approach, and humbly ask someone to be his or her coach. The coach doesn’t necessarily have to be a world-renown network marketing superstar. He or she just needs to be someone who is willing, able, and committed to helping the newbie networker figure out the right track towards achieving his or her ultimate goal in the business.

Becoming a coach means becoming more than a teacher. A teacher equips you with the basic skills you need in your chosen profession. A coach develops your edge that will differentiate you from everyone else in your field.

In network marketing, a teacher is someone who orients you on the basic mechanics of the business. A coach, on the other hand, gets involved in your life, gets to know you deeply, and knows your heart’s desires. He or she makes you realize your why, helps you distinguish your wants from your needs, and gives you the inspiration and motivation you need, aligning everything about his or her coaching with your overarching life strategy to help you reach your goals and dreams.

As a coach, how do you ensure that your students stay on the right track? You maintain a healthy relationship with them. You serve as the anchor that constantly reminds them of their purpose and objectives. Your students may face turbulent times in their lives, but you as their anchor will keep them from going adrift and getting lost. Inspire your students to build their own spiritual anchors as well as health and fitness anchors. All these will help propel them on the right track towards achieving their highest vision for themselves, which is the true essence of coaching.

JOSEPH T. BISMARK is a dynamic business leader, yoga instructor, and martial arts expert. He is a founding director of a multinational company operating diverse business lines in over 100 countries.