Simon Chan

In 2003, I read Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life and realized that God’s purpose for me was to “have a positive impact on as many lives as possible.” Around the same time I was looking for a change and that’s when I discovered network marketing. I was very skeptical and spent three months researching the profession. Initially I thought MLM was all about selling, but I soon learned that this is not a sales business but a coaching and training business.

Once I discovered what MLM is really about helping others and was aligned with my Purpose, I joined immediately.

If you want long-term residual income, then you must learn how to coach and empower others. Here are 10 steps that will help you coach better and grow your leaders faster.

  1. Let them talk. Before you start training someone, let your new team member talk about themselves. Everyone loves to talk about themselves but few people have the opportunity to say what they want so by letting them do this, you’re forming an instant bond and connection with them. This may seem like a waste of time but will save you time in the long run since they will trust and listen to you more. More importantly, you will get to know your distributor better. A big mistake new leaders make is to assume everyone learns the same way. Good coaches never coach “their way.” They coach in the way their student can learn the best. For visual learners, it’s best to draw things out for them. If someone is auditory, it’s better for them to listen. Others prefer to read and re-read notes.
  2. Discover their personality style. While they are talking, try to determine their personality type. Are they a Director, a Socializer, a Thinker, or a Nurturer? Once you discover this, you’ll be able to coach and motivate them more effectively. The all-time revered NBA coach Phil Jackson was genius at this. He could successfully coach and bring a team together that had multiple personalities. He could create chemistry among an intense, driven performer in Michael Jordan, with a crazy party animal in Dennis Rodman, with a serious underachiever like Jud Buchler, and have them all play at the top of their game. When everyone said Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal could never get along, Phil Jackson was able to bring them together and win three championships with the LA Lakers.
  3. Find out their one-year goal and break down action steps. Get people to share their goals and especially their 1 year goal. This will allow you to break it down to what targets they must hit quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. Most people think long term only and forget the short term. Success is created by the action you are taking every second.
  4. Learn about their strengths. Find out what they are good at and think of ways you and your team can maximize and leverage their strength. For example, if they’re good at computers and tech, invite them to be part of the team by helping out with setting up the tech for your next big event. People feel good when they contribute to a team.
  5. Discover their weaknesses. This will let you know what you need to work on. There are two types of weaknesses. There are certain skills you cannot be weak in if you want to be successful. Such skills are attitude, communication, and leadership skills. These are the weak areas where you must coach and train your distributor. Other skills such as tech work, event planning, and so on, are acceptable because they can be done by someone else on the team.
  6. Help them create their “give-up” list. Everything comes at a price and you must give something up in order to achieve your goals. Whether you pay the price now or later, you will pay it! There are only 24 hours in a day and something must give in order for them to be intensely focused at their business. Find out what things your distributor is willing to give up in order for them to achieve their one-year goal and hold them accountable to that list.
  7. Set daily targets. Just like traditional businesses have sales targets they must hit, your new distributor must have daily targets as well. Here are some key metrics for most distributors:
  8. Set weekly goals and review. Set weekly goals based on the metrics and stats above at the beginning of each week. At the end of each week, meet with your team member and recap what happened in the week. Did they hit their targets and goals? Why and why not? Review the wins and the losses. What went well and what could have been better? What are the lessons learned?
  9. Connect them with other leaders. Introduce them to people who are better than themselves. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and the more your team member connects with people who are more successful than themselves, the more they will grow. Now suddenly they’re not hearing only from you, but they’re hearing other top leaders deliver the same message.
  10. Share inspiring war stories. The best way to lead and inspire is to lead by example. Share your worse moments and how you overcame them to be where you are today. Often the best trainings are sharing the stories that taught you huge lessons. That’s why there is no such thing as failure, because it’s in our worse moments that we learn the fastest and become the leader we need to be.

SIMON CHAN is the founder of MLM NATION; the #1 MLM training on iTunes. He’s a  coach, trainer and online marketer who helps MLM distributors find more prospects, sponsor more people and create duplication.