Ray Higdon

If you are a network marketing professional or want to build a larger team, I highly recommend that you develop strong coaching skills. You can just treat this business like a numbers game and just hope for the best—that you will eventually just recruit someone who’s motivated and rocks it out. And you know what? That does happen. You actually can get lucky and hit the recruiting lottery in this business. However, you can greatly increase your chances of success by getting better at coaching others. Here are my six very best tips.

  1. See people for who they could be. Many people enter this profession in not the greatest circumstances. Take me, for example. In 2009, I was dead broke. I was in personal foreclosure. I had bill collectors calling me every day, and if I treated myself like who I was currently, I never would have created success. You need to see people for who they could be, and one element of that is knowing that anybody can create success from wherever they are. They can create success despite any obstacles, any limitations, past or current. I had failed in 11 different network marketing companies prior, and not only was I in personal foreclosure, I had eight properties in foreclosure. Despite my situation, I went on to become the #1 income earner in the company I joined at the time. If people had treated me according to who I was, that wouldn’t have been very motivating. Treat people and see people for who they could become.
  2. Don’t assume. Don’t assume you know the reasons someone joined. Don’t assume you know what motivates people. I see this all the time. We assume everyone operates the same way we do, so if we’re money motivated, we think they’re money motivated. Do not assume, and the way you get past that is my next coaching tip.
  3. Ask questions. Ask people, “Why did you join? What do you hope to gain? What do you see as a vision for your life? What legacy do you want to leave on this planet? What kind of impact do you want to make? What motivates you? If you had a magic wand, what would your perfect day look like? How would you spend your time if money were not an object?” You need to get people to dream. Asking questions is the best way for you to learn how to properly motivate somebody, and it’s really easy.
  4. Tell relatable stories. Every single person you recruit thinks he or she is unique. Most think they are different in that they have weak skills, poor habits, and not enough time. They don’t have enough money. They don’t have enough education. They don’t have enough… fill in the blank. Most people you talk to think they have the one situation that will never work inside network marketing. To reassure them you need to know and share relatable stories—stories of people who went from struggle to success, of people who had all kinds of obstacles against them, yet created success despite their circumstances. The best way for you to learn those stories is to go to your company events and listen to who walks the stage. Pay attention when others are sharing their stories. You also need to encourage your team to get to your company event, so they also hear those stories. They need to say, “Oh, my goodness. If they created success, so can I.” This is a very powerful tool to have in your coaching tool belt.
  5. Invest in your education. My wife and I have invested a lot of money in hiring coaches and mentors over the years, and it’s where I picked up a lot of my coaching questions. A lot of times, one of my coaches or mentors would ask me a question I’d never considered before. If I thought it was a great question, I made sure to make a note of it, and now when I’m coaching my networking marketing teammates or clients, I will hit them with that same sort of question. Education pays!
  6. Teach to teach. This tip may not be one you hear very often. Teaching to teach is super powerful. When you are asking questions of your teammates, teach them to ask their people those questions. This is one of the best things you can do to empower people. Instead of coaching from on high, teach your people how to become better coaches themselves.

RAY HIGDON is a network marketing trainer who lives in Florida with his wife Jessica and their three kids. He has written over 1,600 blog posts on www.RayHigdon.com to help network marketers in any company recruit more reps, generate more leads, and become top earners in the profession.