Coaching is an essential skill in network marketing success. People will join us if they feel we can competently coach them to achieving great results with our product or opportunity.

To become an effective coach, first be highly coachable yourself. Be open and receptive. Pursue knowledge and leave your ego at the door. The most effective coaches are students first and teachers second.

One of the greatest coaches of our time is Anthony Robbins. At every event, Tony points out that to this day he is constantly learning from others. One would expect no less since Tony was an acolyte of the late Jim Rohn, a success coach to many of us.

This month’s cover girl, Ali Brown, is a business coach to many phenomenal women, including JJ. Virgin and Marie Forleo. Women credit Ali with coaching them to seven-figure success and helping them take their businesses to the next level.

Ali is known for her a tough love approach. Sugarcoating the truth is not something great coaches do. When it comes to bringing out the best in us, exceptional coaches have an uncanny way of helping us figure things out, while also pointing out our areas of improvement.

Every million-dollar earner in network marketing, myself included, has been coached by someone. The coaching may not be long and intensive—it may just be a few sessions. It can come from an upline team leader, a hired guru, or even a business mentor. Along the way to the top, there is at least one coach each of us can say helped propel us to that next vista.

My first coach in network marketing was Jeffery Combs. I cried in our first session and thought, “How am I going to get through this?” Jeff was quick to point out some of my issues, but also extremely helpful in assisting me with getting into a place where I could produce from peace instead of from desperation.

After coaching with Jeff for almost a year, my skills and income had grown. Jeff and I became great friends, and my next coach was an NLP master trainer with whom I worked for five years. This person does not coach in the network marketing profession, however by this time I was seeking to develop some additional skills.

Today I have coaches for different areas of my life, including a coach to give me stock market trading expertise.

Coaches come in many forms, and when they show up, it is our responsibility to listen. Top income earners in our profession didn’t just have coaches, they were coachable. They applied what their coaches said and that is why their income grew.

I encourage you to devour this issue on coaching, be coachable to the successful role models around you, and make a commitment to become a better coach yourself.

Susan Sly is a 7-figure earner in network marketing, bestselling author, speaker, and trainer. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, ABC Family, and is an editorial advisor for Networking Times. Susan is a mother of five and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.