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Kimmy & Richard Brooke

A Quantum Leap Approach

By Kimmy & Richard Brooke

Kimmy & Richard Brooke

Coaching is a lot of things to a lot of people. Almost all business or “life coaches” are mentors or advisors. What they do is give advice on strategy. They are like consultants. Mentors, strategists, and consultants all have their place. They can be very valuable when they have a proven expertise in a specific area that you, the client, want to develop.

A less known domain of coaching is ontological or “being” coaching. An ontological coach focuses on who you are “being,” both in the moment and as a long-term trend. Some people call this “states.” When we are “being” a certain way, we act and attract at a corresponding level. When we are in a high-energy, positive, can-do, enthusiastic, courageous, creative state, we can do most things we set out to do, and equally as important, we can figure out how to do them without anyone else telling us. The result is massive productivity and strategies that are our own versus imposed on us. Ownership of our strategies in itself results in far greater deployment...

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