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Pasha Carter

From "Me" to "We"

By Pasha Carter

Pasha Carter

Becoming a skilled coach is what separates the person who just builds a group from the person who builds a team. I learned the importance of becoming a skilled coach almost 15 years ago when I attended one of my first company conventions.

I had been in network marketing for almost three years at the time. There were nearly ten thousand people cheering and applauding as the recognition portion of the event began. I had thousands of people on my team and halfway through the recognition, I realized no one from my team was crossing the stage. I dropped my head and said a little prayer, hoping that at least one person on my team would be recognized. As recognition ended, I sat there in that cold arena feeling embarrassed and defeated. The lightbulb came on and I had my first coaching Aha-moment. I realized if I had been a better coach, my team would have had better results...

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