Nathan and Jennifer France are leading a growing network marketing organization of 12,000 people from their home in Wayzata, Minnesota. They met in high school and had been married for 18 years when they came across their current company in 2012. Jennifer was working in the pharmaceutical industry and Nathan was a small business owner specializing in construction and real estate. With three teenage children, they were doing well financially, but family time was scarce and life was stressful.

“End 2005, we were in a terrible car accident,” says Nathan. “We were hit head on going 60 mph. Thankfully we had no kids with us, but Jennifer and I were both seriously injured. After a week in the hospital I continued to struggle with chronic migraines, as well as back and knee issues, trouble with weight gain, and the challenges of a high stress work environment. Jennifer had multiple neck, back, and knee injuries. In addition, her hips were 2 inches out of place.”

As the Frances were focused on regaining their health, their friends—who would become their sponsors—Brian and Dani Morgan were trying to do anything possible to help them. “After doing some business together, the Morgans had become personal friends of ours whom we loved and trusted,” says Jennifer. “They knew all we wanted was to feel better and get our lives back on track. They were taking health products that were working well for them, so it was natural to want to share them with us.”

Growing up Nathan always had an entrepreneurial mindset. He became an Eagle Scout (as are his two sons) who to this day lives by the Scout Law. Instead of going to college, Nathan became a waiter who delivered newspapers in the morning while DJ-ing at night. His dedication, self-motivation, and stamina got him noticed by a regular customer at the restaurant and Nate found himself recruited into the construction business. A decade later he owned and was running the leading construction/restoration company in the region.

Over the years Nathan and Jennifer tried out various network marketing products and saw many of their friends and family members go on to make significant incomes in network marketing.

“When Brian and Dani introduced us to the health products they were using, we were excited about the simple health system,” says Jennifer. “It was now several years since our roll-over car accident that left us in pretty rough shape, but we were still doing a lot of rehab and trying to fully heal.

“We weren’t expecting miracles, but we trusted the Morgans so we went with their guidance. The products gradually made us feel better and regain our energy. When we found out we could make a side income by sharing them with others, we got excited. Once we understood the power of leverage and exponential growth, we knew this could be huge.”

With three teenagers at home, Jennifer working full time, and Nathan sitting on the board for several companies, the Frances definitely didn’t have any extra time. Using leverage was the only way they saw themselves overcoming the challenges they were facing.

Nathan leading a Visionary Experience walk 1
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Nathan leading a Visionary Experience walk

“This total immersion program done on location helps people to let go of the story that’s holding them back and decide what truly makes them happy.”

“The network marketing program we joined is called the HOPE movement and we immediately resonated with its mission,” says Nathan. “When we decided to share the HOPE concept as an income stream, we first went to Eric Golden, Ryan Chamberlin, and other top leaders in the company and asked them exactly how they had created the time required to be successful at building a six-figure-plus yearly income.”

Here are a few tips they shared:

  1. What you schedule, you will get done.
  2. You will not find the time; you need to make the time.
  3. When your days are so full you can’t possibly find any time, you must find at least one hour to build your business.

The Frances started sharing the products and the opportunity with everyone they knew and every new person they met. “We mostly used the three-foot rule,” says Jennifer. “God puts people in your path for a reason, but it’s up to you to connect with them.”

“Personal development played a huge roll in growing our business,” Nathan adds. “We started reading all the books our upline and company leaders recommended, including:

Jennifer adds, “We had to learn an entirely new business so we became avid students of the profession. We knew we had to grow into the leaders others would want to follow, so we went to work on ourselves.”

In 2013, just seven months into the business, Jennifer was able to quit her job.

“We’ve had an amazing experience reaching for our dream,” she says. “When you set your sights on your goals and dreams and watch them happen, it is a feeling you cannot put into words. The journey is as rich as the destination.”

“When we first started, our dreams were to get healthy, feel better, pay off any debt, and retire Jennifer so she could have more time with our kids,” Nathan adds. “Once we achieved these goals, we asked ourselves, ‘Why can’t we both be home?’

“Being able to retire Jennifer really opened the doors to a whole new level of belief in the goals we could actually achieve in network marketing. Our vision and mission now is to help our team and anyone who wants it to be free.”

“Freedom can mean many things to different people,” says Jennifer. “It is our job as leaders to help others figure out what it means to them. We lie awake at night thinking of our team members and how we can help each one achieve time and financial freedom. Once you have created this for yourself, you want everyone you care about to have what they want.”

The Frances have had an amazing journey so far, with many life-changing events that could only have happened thanks to their growing business and the time freedom it provides. They just bought their dream home and Nathan retired at age 39 from running his multimillion-dollar company. “Being able to spend your days with your children and the love of your life is how we are meant to live,” he says. “As we are reminded in the airplane to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others, we first had to get rock solid in our own time freedom and now our focus is on helping our team achieve their dreams.”