Are you a swimmer or do you wade? Do you dive deep into the creative, abundant pool of resources that’s available to us at all times, or do you tread shallow in a shortage consciousness that says, “They have it, so I can’t get it,” and “There’s just not enough.”

It’s easy to see abundance when you get what you want. Yet, where does abundance begin, what draws the things we want into our lives, and how can we live in the energy of abundance before our goodies arrive?

Loren Robin

Abundance starts with a positive mindset, and then moves to the heart, which is the foundation of trust and faith. In an abundant mindset life feels exciting. People show up in your life and reflect joy back to you. They follow you and your influence, because you feel good and they want to join you in this feeling. An abundant vibration is undeniable when you sense it—and it makes obvious the fact that there’s plenty to go around for everyone.

At the heart of lack-consciousness lies the “competition” mentality. I choose to believe in collaboration—as exemplified in the new sharing economy that’s emerging globally. This gave me an epiphany a few years ago.

The initial idea was, “If I connect with likeminded women in network marketing who are my competitors, and if I share my resources and they open up theirs, we’ll all have more!” My vision included us coming together for a cause. Not only would we increase our abundance, it would also allow us to give it back. It was full-circle abundance!

I was on fire with my vision and immediately reached out to the most powerful network marketing leaders in other companies. I was thrilled when they responded, and even more ecstatic when we created a women’s empowerment project called “Women United for Change. We combined our efforts with PCI (Project Concern International), a large and well established nonprofit organization. One hundred percent of our team’s donations goes towards empowering women in impoverished countries by teaching them language, financial, and leadership skills. In just a few months, we’ve been able to help over 1,000 women participate in this life-changing program.

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with my “competitors” and founders of the empowerment project. As I looked around the table, I was amazed and humbled. I could not believe the gift I’d found by shifting out of competition and into collaboration. Not only do we trust and support each other, we even share our trade secrets. The impossible had happened. By stretching myself I’d found a new, abundant mindset that crossed beliefs, businesses, and continents.

Be a swimmer. Dive deep into the abundant pool of life that wipes out the impossible, makes magic, and creates joy. Abundance is real—it showed up for me, and it will for you!

LOREN ROBIN is a top-producing network marketing leader. Having overcome many adversities in her personal and professional life, she excels at helping others develop the strength and perseverance needed to accomplish their biggest goals.