In today’s world a lot of people think they are trapped in lack because they have no job or chance for employment. In reality there are many other options or ways to achieve our goals in life. We just need to choose one and stick with it, while adopting a supportive behavior pattern that enables us to carry on in the face of adversity.

I believe the world is filled with lots of opportunities. What you focus your mind on, you will see in the world. Since you can’t take in everything around you, your reticular activating system (RAS) will bring into focus what you are looking for.

Gene Adigu

Once you shift your mindset, this will allow you to see the abundance in the world that you may be missing right now. For instance, if you have a lack of money, and focus on that lack, that’s what your external reality will confirm. Focus and think about the abundance of possibility to make money, and soon ideas and opportunities to make that happen will start to pop up in your world.

A scarcity mentality can be quite painful for the individual, especially in network marketing, and create a lot of unnecessary fear, anxiety, and desperation. Many people think they have only one shot and if they can’t get it done, then it’s all over. The scarcity mindset always focuses on the extreme short term of every decision. That’s why many distributors get discouraged if after putting effort out for two months they don’t have the results they want—and they quit. Others say the business is saturated. Thoughts like these can stifle our growth in the business.

Abundance thinking allows us to accept failures as part of building a successful business. It helps us understand that this is a numbers game and if a prospect turns down our offer, we know it’s not the end of the world and that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

An abundance mindset not only keeps us focused on our goals, it actually allows us to attain them, because you know it’s possible and that it can be done. An abundance mindset is the core motivation for us to keep trying and eventually succeed.

If someone leaves your team, wish the person luck and focus on your business. There is a virtually unlimited number of potential prospects in the markets these days, and one person or group leaving your team cannot kill an entire lifetime of building a successful business. Stop fretting and start seeing life through a more abundant lens. Soon you will be met with unlimited possibilities.

GENE ADIGU is a network marketing professional from Nigeria who has built a successful business in just 4 years. He is a big promoter of the profession in Africa and across the globe. His passion is to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners succeed, and also to attract more people into the profession with his electrifying story.