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John David Mann

Happy Birthday

To the Universe, Everything Is a Piece of Cake

By John David Mann

Nathan leading a Visionary Experience walk 1
Nathan leading a Visionary Experience walk 2
Nathan leading a Visionary Experience walk 3

John David Mann is coauthor of the national bestseller The Go-Giver. Earlier this fall, a new edition was released, featuring the original text (unchanged) with new material added, including a foreword by Arianna Huffington, an introduction by the authors, a Readers Discussion Guide, and a Q&A with the authors. This new edition also sports an endorsement on the back cover from Glenn Beck, who says, “The Go-Giver is a must-read for anyone who wants to change the world.”

A new edition of The Go-Giver’s companion parable, It’s Not About You, will be released in March 2016. This edition has been significantly rewritten and also been given a new title: The Go-Giver Leader.

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