Nathan and Jennifer France are leading a growing network marketing organization of 12,000 people from their home in Wayzata, Minnesota. They met in high school and had been married for 18 years when they came across their current company in 2012. Jennifer was working in the pharmaceutical industry and Nathan was a small business owner specializing in construction and real estate. With three teenage children, they were doing well financially, but family time was scarce and life was stressful.

“End 2005, we were in a terrible car accident,” says Nathan. “We were hit head on going 60 mph. Thankfully we had no kids with us, but Jennifer and I were both seriously injured. After a week in the hospital I continued to struggle with chronic migraines, as well as back and knee issues, trouble with weight gain, and the challenges of a high stress work environment. Jennifer had multiple neck, back, and knee injuries. In addition, her hips were 2 inches out of place.”