Joseph McDermott is a dynamic network marketing leader who was introduced to the profession over 15 years ago. By age 21 he had built a significant income, but a company going out of business and challenges with startups discouraged him from rebuilding an organization. He did some consulting and other business ventures, but never forgot the power and magic of leveraged income. In 2011 Joey met Amani Zein on Facebook and was instantly drawn to her magnetic personality and exuberant nature. Amani was already committed to self-development and empowering people, so when Joey introduced her to “working from home,” she quickly caught the vision. After a couple of “false starts,” Joey and Amani found their home with their current company. Along with their business partners, Kevin and  Rassami Latmore and Kenneth Ho, they became the fastest business builders in the history of their company to reach the rank of Diamond. Together with their team Diamond Dynasty 300 Amani and Joseph have their hearts set on offering entrepreneurs around the world a proven vehicle for creating their best life.

Amani’s Story
I was born and raised in beautiful, sunny Nigeria. We had no money growing up. I remember my mom sewing my and my sister’s clothes for school because it was cheaper than buying them. My dad made sure we had an abundance of books though. He believed self-development books were equal to wealth and are the secret weapon to anyone’s success, so we had the biggest library in our city. I dreamed of being like those authors and speakers, moving and influencing people’s lives.

In 2009 my family and I moved to Toronto, Canada. I was 22 at the time and had no clue how society worked here. I felt empowered just seeing female bus drivers and countless women in leadership positions. It was very liberating. 

One of my first jobs was selling subscriptions door to door for a company that raises funds for big charities. While sometimes fun, it didn’t feel safe, as we often had to go into dangerous neighborhoods. I remember knocking on a door and at first no one opened. Two minutes later a lady came out and apologized. She told me the previous night a stranger had rang the door and shot a neighbor just a few doors down. 

I didn’t care at the time because my goal was to make enough money to visit my son, who lives with my ex-husband in Lebanon. It had been two years since I’d seen him and I was willing to do whatever it took to go visit him again.

In June 2011 Joseph reached out to me on Facebook about my photography website, because I also did photography part-time. He said, “Since you’re so good at selling door to door, why not try working from home.” He called it a “business in a box.” Two weeks later I quit my job, sold some jewelry for a third of its worth, and joined my first network marketing company.

I could sell a weight loss shake to a skinny girl, but I couldn’t recruit to save my life. My home parties attracted plenty of people, but I didn’t know what do with them once they joined my team. 

At first I thought this business was about me and my goals. Soon I learned there is a bigger picture here. I don’t get paid per hour; I get paid for my skills and how many people I can truly help. Growing up as an introvert with weak social skills, I had a lot to learn. I really had to get out of my comfort zone. It felt like the business was putting a spotlight on all the weaknesses in my character I needed to work on in order to be successful.

Fast forward to November 2014. After trying a couple of other companies, one with a consumable and one with a digital product, I felt burnt out and made my mind up that I was done with network marketing. But Joey kept seeing us both on stage helping thousands of people. Thankfully, things turned around quickly. A few weeks later at a team meeting, hearing Joseph speak in front of the room I was deeply moved by his words and his why. Also, seeing so many people do well in the profession made me realize its huge potential for changing lives. I fell in love with the business all over again. 

I love to speak from my heart to the hearts of people. I love training and changing people’s mindset, helping them dream and achieve more. I just marvel at how you can have a two-minute conversation with an absolute stranger and end up exchanging phone numbers and following up afterwards. Meeting people in person is so energizing to me that I can do it all day long. I don’t see them as prospects, I see them as fellow humans whose lives I can enrich in one way or another. There is an abundance of people looking for opportunity and we run into them every day.

Joseph and I make a dynamic team. We teach a simple system: connect with someone, send a simple message, then do a three-way call with your upline. Even after reaching the rank of Diamond, we continue to put prospects on three-way calls instead of closing them ourselves. It makes it easy for that new person to follow the same system till they become the “go-to” upline.

Building internationally is super exciting. Because I grew up in a Lebanese community in Nigeria, I’m  fluent in Lebanese and also speak some Nigerian, in addition to English. My upbringing helped me to appreciate other cultures, and moving to Canada was like going to heaven because of all the different cultures. In my experience people outside of North America are even hungrier for opportunity and their commitment is greater once they join.

Joseph was my first mentor and will always be my favorite. I have learned from top leaders in the profession like Lisa Grossman whom I love dearly. Our business partner Kenny Ho once told me, “Don’t be like the frog in boiling water. When frogs are placed in water and the heat is turned up gradually, instead of jumping out they die. They get comfortable with the heat until it’s too late.” That stuck with me till this day. Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, and Diane Hochman all have phenomenal trainings that have made a strong impact on me. I can’t mention mentors without my dad making it to the list. He, after all, is responsible for my love of learning and growing.

Besides the classics every network marketing leader READS and RECOMMENDS, here are three books that have changed my life:

I think all network marketing leaders share the same vision: to help others get outside their comfort zone and build the life of their dreams. We were not meant to be like sheep, herded in different directions. We are born to be free.

My personal vision is to become a speaker, write books, and also start a family with Joey. I look forward to traveling more with my mom, dad, and my amazing sister and best friend, Manal. This will be a dream come true.

Amani Zein’s Top 6 Tips

  1. You are unique, stop trying to be like anyone else.
  2. Everything you want in life wants you too.
  3. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.
  4. Make time for fun and living. It’s not just about the end result, it’s also about the journey.
  5. If you knew you were going to die in a month, what would you do? Do it now! Don’t wait. 
  6. One day my 8-year-old son and I were playing chess. He kept winning and gave me advice: “Mom, you have to practice a lot. This is how you win the game of chess. Play a lot of games. It’s hard. They will beat you and you will lose... a lot. But if you play every day, you’ll get better and you’ll win.” The same goes for anything we do in life. Isn’t he such a wise little one?

Joseph’s Story
In 2000 I was working at Walgreens in Gilbert, Arizona. Making $7.75 an hour developing pictures from negatives, I knew I was worth more than that. As a KID I always had a BUSINESS, whether it was delivering newspapers or renting out my Nintendo and games to friends.

At age 20 I moved out of my parents’ house. My mom and dad were never home, because they were both drug addicts. They did give up their habits later on in life and I love them dearly. I was lucky to have my spiritual mom and dad, Angela and Gary Shepard, take me into their home as a son. I’ll never forget their kindness and love, and how they helped me grow closer to God.

One day I was working out at the gym when a stranger approached me and my friend. I remember clearly how he F.O.R.M.-ed us, asking us questions about ourselves and our lives. At the end of the conversation he invited us to a meeting he promised would help us make extra income. At the time I was open to do anything that was legal.

All I could remember after the meeting was a guy drawing circles and pointing at the top circle saying, “This is you!” He also said, “You can have 100 percent of your own effort or 1 percent of 100 people’s efforts.” This gave me my aha moment. I knew right then and there that to create wealth I needed a team. I joined and learned to do everything you shouldn’t do in your first year in network marketing. Fortunately I had great mentors and was making $10,000 a month at the age of 21.

After three years I resigned and life took me to other ventures, from helping to start an MLM company to selling business management software with Microsoft. I was able to work behind the scenes as an MLM consultant. I didn’t build anymore until I met Amani in 2011. I convinced her to get into this profession and she did her magic to get me back into it.

After building a team and the company shutting down, it took me a while to believe again in this profession. I remember sitting down with Amani and pondering if I should go back to consulting. I built a team in another company, but because it was a startup there were many issues. I had to find something better.

At one point I felt so down I wanted to QUIT. Amani said, “You can’t quit. You were born to do this. You’re so good at it and people love you.” She is my biggest motivator. Her daily question to me is, “Are you giving it 110 percent?” Thanks to her, I decided to stay in the game.

Finally I asked one of my mentors, a lady I deeply love and respect, for ADVICE. “If you were to start all over again and build from scratch, which company would you choose beyond a shadow of a doubt?” She named our current company and my partners and I set a high goal to crush it. It wasn’t so much about hitting ranks fast, it was about showing what’s possible. We were told hitting Diamond in 90 days was impossible. The fastest anyone had done it in was eight months. We did it in 60 days!

We worked so hard there were days when I would forget to eat. Amani had to hand feed me while I was returning calls and responding to emails. Our biggest challenge was that we had to start building from scratch. We started by setting up prospecting calls five times a week, where the team would put their prospects on the call to learn more. The strategy was to make sure people built the way they knew best. Those who knew Facebook marketing and prospecting were encouraged to do that. The ones who loved doing home meetings and one-on-ones were encouraged to do those. This created a sense of liberation within the team. Letting people focus on what they do best allowed them to be energized and excel really fast. 

My daily mode of operation consists of connecting with new people and following up with existing contacts. I often stay up till 7 AM to do trainings or three-way calls because we have teams all over the world. Talking on the phone is my favorite way of prospecting. Most people give up after one call. I keep a good friendship going and that’s what most leaders do.  Duplication is all about having a system that works. System stands for Saving YourSelf Time, Energy, and Money.

You can’t succeed in anything without learning and self-improvement. I love Jim Rohn’s simple philosophies. Mark Yarnell’s My First Year in Network Marketing is great for any beginner. The main book that launched me on my entrepreneurial journey was Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. In terms of tools we recommend to our team, top of the list is Eric Worre’s Go Pro book. One thing I learned from baseball when I was younger is that mastering the basics is what helps you win the game.

My professional goal is to teach the younger generation that it’s not about how much money you make in life, it is about how much you keep.

My personal goal is to make sure my 18-year-old brother James gets to experience a better life than I did. I also want to grow old with Amani, have a big family, and see more of the world.

Joseph’s Success Principles