If you want to achieve long-term residual income, you must understand that network marketing is a mentoring business. It’s not about sales, but about teaching and helping others achieve their dreams.

I chose to start a network marketing business in 2003 because I felt it would allow me to fulfill my purpose of making a positive impact on as many lives as possible. Here are three things I believe: 1) network marketing allows us to fulfill our unlimited potential we’re born with; 2) it allows us to contribute by helping others achieve their goals; 3) it allows us to be better parents and create a lasting legacy.

Simon Chan

All three of these beliefs are centered on mentoring and helping others. Since you read Networking Times you already know the importance of self-development. I’m sure you’ve learned more from your experience in network marketing than from your formal education. Here are seven tips for learning and growing even faster through mentorship.

  1. Find a Mentor

    Mentors are shortcuts to your success. The person who will help your business grow the fastest may not be your direct sponsor. You may have to go up higher in your pay plan to find someone who has been successful and is willing to help you. All successful people appreciate someone who is hungry with desire, because it reminds them of themselves. If you become coachable and provide value, you’ll have a good chance of being mentored by such a person.

  2. Provide Value First

    Leaders and mentors are givers, but as all of us, they have to take care of their own needs first. If you want someone to mentor you, find ways in which you can contribute to that person’s life. There are many types of value you can provide, from giving gifts to helping the person with administrative tasks, or simply being a fun person to be around. That is how I met one of my first mentors who taught me how to run effective meetings. I helped him first by doing basic training for his new distributors. They were all crossline to me and I had nothing to gain financially, but because I helped train his team he eventually let me stay over at his apartment for two weeks during which I learned a tremendous amount.

  3. Mentors Come in Many Forms

    Not all your mentors need to be ones you talk to everyday. You can study and listen to Jim Rohn all day and call him your mentor. In fact, I recommend treating your self-development as a mentor because when you do this, the wisdom becomes personalized. You will start to feel as though a person is talking to you and you will remember the lessons much better.

  4. Hire a Coach to be a Mentor

    All top performers have coaches. Consider hiring a coach to serve as a mentor, especially if you feel your upline isn’t helpful. People who are not in your upline can be the best mentors because they won’t hold back since they have nothing at stake. Our uplines are often too soft on us and don’t tell us what we really need to hear because they’re afraid we might quit. You need someone who gives you truthful feedback (no matter how painful) and is not afraid of the consequences. When you outgrow your mentor, which you will, find a new mentor who will guide you to new levels.

  5. Have Different Mentors for Different Areas in Life

    Don’t feel shocked or let down when your mentor fails at something or does something “wrong.” Expect your mentor to be good at one thing only and you’ll be able to escape this disappointment. To maximize growth, choose different mentors in different areas of your life—spiritual, financial, business, health, and so on.

  6. The last two tips are about how to mentor someone.

  7. Lead and Teach by Example

    Best way to mentor someone is to model what you want the person to do. If you feel stuck and your business is not growing, ask yourself: if everyone on my team did what I did today, what would happen? Would you even let your downlines see how you spent your day?

    All mentors lead and teach by example. The best way to teach is to model. Instead of just teaching, spend time with the person you’re mentoring. Go prospect with them every day. Whether you’re approaching shoppers at the mall or calling contacts on the phone, do it together. If you have a new distributor, let the person watch what you do a few times and then have them do it.

    Here is the duplication formula:

    1. I do it and you watch
    2. We do it together
    3. You do it and I watch
    4. You teach someone

    If you really want your team members to grow faster, have them live with you. Let them see how you plan and live your days. One of my daily success habits of reading every day was developed after I spent two weeks with my mentor in Singapore and watched him spend 15 minutes reading first thing in the morning each day. He didn’t need to teach me what to do, he just led by example and showed me how success is created.

  8. Mentor Maximum Six People at a Time

    This strategy is called the Span of Control and comes from the military. Ignoring this is a common mistake networkers make when mentoring downlines. You can mentor only six people at a time and no more than that. Any more will give a diminishing rate of return and you’ll actually hurt your mentees more than help them, because you won’t have the time to give them the attention they need. The best way to mentor is to spend time and have the mentee watch what you do. There is no way you can spend that amount of time with more than six people during the same period of time.

Network marketing is a profession where we help others, so go out and make a positive impact on someone’s life through mentoring!

SIMON CHAN is a network marketing trainer who helps distributors find better prospects, sponsor more people, and create duplication. He’s the producer and host for MLM Nation podcast.

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