Having a mentor is like having a companion guide in traversing a path you’ve never walked on before. When scaling Mount Everest, you need a Sherpa to lend you his unrivalled skill in mountaineering. Your predecessors in your industry or field of discipline are your guides, your mentors.

Joseph Bismark

In our business, the most successful networkers are the ones who followed the footsteps of the pioneers in the profession. Your network marketing mentor is someone who teaches you not just the basics of the business, but the principles of repetition and duplication. You learn from your mentor the values of hard work, resilience, ethics, and the ability to duplicate your success. Having a capable mentor is a privilege you foster, enrich, and share with others.

Having a mentor is allowing yourself to be honed into the best version of yourself. I was privileged to have a spiritual guru at a very young age. He made me understand who I am as a person. He taught me that I’m not my material body but a spirit soul. He showed me the trail to where I can find true happiness.

Vijay Eswaran is my first mentor in business. He is my business partner but he is, first and foremost, my grand upline. Whatever I am and have right now, I owe to his trust, friendship, personalized mentoring and entrepreneurial brilliance.

Thought leaders and influencers can be your mentors, too. I’ve learned a lot from conscientiously reading the books of contemporary networkers—John Milton Fogg’s The Greatest Networker in the World, Robert Kiyosaki’s The Cashflow Quadrant, Richard Poe’s The Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline, as well as Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s numerous books. Yes, even someone you haven’t met can be your mentor if you subscribe to their thought leadership and ingrain their wisdom in your day-to-day living.

Being a mentor is being accountable. When a prospect signs up for your network marketing business, you are fundamentally responsible for orienting them on the basic mechanics and ethics practiced by the company. You are responsible for making sure that they succeed in it and not end up as just another idle referral. You ensure that you carry out these responsibilities with efficiency and dignity until you see your own success being duplicated.

Finding a mentor is finding someone who can be your true motivation and inspiration. Your mentor should act as a competent coach that pushes you to go beyond your self-imposed limits, no excuses accepted. The quality of your mentor depends on how committed you are to your goal. If you feel that your mentor doesn’t bring out the best in you, you have the option to work harder to supplement their mediocre teaching or look for a better mentor whom you think with certainty can make you reach and live your potential.

Becoming a mentor to others means becoming a leader, firstly. You lead them by your achievement-rich life. You mentor them with your winning ways. You constantly ask yourself the question ‘Am I the mentor I would like to emulate?’ If your honest answer is not quite a resounding YES, step up your game and work harder on becoming better, if not the best, as your followers deserve nothing but the best.

Ultimately, it all goes back to us. Whatever greatness we expect from our mentor, we should expect the same from ourselves.

JOSEPH T. BISMARK is a dynamic business leader, yoga instructor, and martial arts expert. He is a founding director of a multinational company operating diverse business lines in over 100 countries.

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