If there is one thing that Randi and I have learned in network marketing, it is that success is elusive. If you expect to succeed, you must have a definitive why and a passionate purpose. You must also have a plan and a strategy, and you must be ready and prepared for your success.

Tony Escorbar

The best advice we can give you is this: Grow, embrace and expand your why; nurture it as if your success is predictable, inevitable, foreseeable, and expected.

Your success is securely and resolutely anchored in your team’s accomplishments, not yours; their efforts, not yours; their talents, not yours; their performance, not yours; their success, not yours. It’s all about them, not you!

Success always appears to pop up in unexpected places, with unexpected people, and at unexpected times.

Your success in this business has been declared; the final outcome between success and failure has been predetermined by the faith you have in yourself, the people you serve, and of course, your mentor. There’s no question as to who will win, because the score has already been posted on the scoreboard. You can see it and enjoy the victory long before it actually happens. That’s the power of a mentor and teamwork.

Success may come quickly or take time, but if you work the business and embrace a true, authentic mentor, success will inevitably come your way. Our business is all about extraordinary people igniting fires in ordinary people who want to become better. A good mentor is an experienced leader who is attracted to another person’s light and goes on to fan the flames. A great mentor who wants to effectively guide and inspire people must walk a mile in their shoes, as well as in their shadows.

A great mentor never lights a fire under his mentees; he fuels the fire that’s already there, and has been there for a long time. A mentor can be compared to a farmer who meticulously cultivates, grows, and nourishes his crops. A mentor cultivates, grows, and nourishes people.

A distributor or a mentee can be compared to an arrow in flight fired from a bow. The arrow takes flight toward a daunting future using the faith, power, and aim of their mentor. Even as the mentor intently watches that arrow fly the course, he knows all the distractions and challenges that could easily deflect it, yet he takes consolation in knowing that the most important thing that will influence that arrow’s fate will be the faith, strength, and the unwavering why of the mentee and the mentor holding and pulling back the bow.

A mentor may help you develop the plan and the strategy, but it’s teamwork that implements it. Mentorship is the fuel that powers ordinary people to attain extraordinary determination and achieve extraordinary results.

Your network marketing team is like the five fingers on your hand. When you clench them together, you’ve made a fist. There’s power in a fist. The thumb being the most powerful finger, it holds all the other fingers together tightly. Your mentor is the thumb. To grow your business, follow the example of your thumb that holds it all together.

We are often asked, “How do you find a good mentor?” When a mentor’s words and actions inspire, motivate, and encourage you and your distributors who are already doing well to want to eagerly see more, do more, and become more, then and only then have you found a great mentor.

You can always identify great mentors because they have the ability to influence, motivate, and persuade people to believe in themselves, to believe in those they serve, and to work even harder. A great mentor is a master of exploiting mistakes, rejection, and disappointment as if they were extraordinary opportunities.

There are thousands of mentors out there, so be careful in whom you select. The professional mentor is skilled at asking specific questions to find out what a person is capable of, what they do know, and what they can do. A great mentor is a craftsman who has the ability to lay a rock solid foundation for you based on the abilities you have and the mistakes, disappointments, and discouragement you’ve experienced.

While it is important to engage with a qualified mentor, you also need to build a great team of distributors to succeed in this business. Great mentors can help you do this and they do it very well. Experienced mentors can see and use the talents in people, including those hidden deep inside. They can help bring them out from within and work with them, while inexperienced mentors try to change people.

Mentors can’t fix everyone’s challenges or problems, but they can promise their mentees they won’t have to face them alone. Mentors can lubricate your thoughts and provide immunity against failure by having the mentee celebrate past accomplishments instead of bemoaning today’s disappointments.

My wife and I have built and enjoyed a massive multimillion-dollar income. We have approximately 1,700,000 members in our organization and are the only network marketers in history to have received a special commendation from the Congress of the United States. We have also received different commendations from the Governors of 14 States and we have taught and influenced hundreds of thousands of people from the stages of the world.

This success could not have happened without good people mentoring us. Many of our mentors are contributors to Networking Times. If your intent is to engage a skilled mentor, start with this incredible publication that has influenced thousands of distributors in our profession throughout the world.

In December, 2003 I bought my first copy of Networking Times. I read articles by John Milton Fogg and Michael Clouse, two of the best mentors and trainers. That same year my income doubled into the millions. Today, Michael is one of the top leaders in my organization. That’s why I am suggesting you get as many of your distributors to subscribe and start reading Networking Times.

TONY and RANDI ESCOBAR are top earners in an established network marketing company that’s on its way to do a billion dollar in sales in 2015. The Escobars have helped create over 145 million-dollar earners within their own team so far.

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