IOne of the most important factors in network marketing success is mentorship. Many years ago, before I knew this, I struggled to build a networking marketing business. As a young mom with a newborn son and a two-year old daughter, my primary goal was to earn a car and enough money to keep the wolf away from the door while staying at home with the kids. I was passionate about being there for them and recognized that a home business was the key.

Valerie Bates

Within about six months of starting my business, I was driving a new car and consistently earning a decent monthly check. However, “baptism by fire” and “emotional roller coaster ride” best describe how I grew that business without a mentor. I had no guidance whatsoever from a seasoned networking professional.

True to my intentions, when my youngest entered school, I sold my business and returned to a career in education. Without the benefit of a mentor, I had no idea that I was quitting “three feet from the gold.” A mentor would have provided perspective on my five-year investment of time and energy and encouraged me to carry on.

More than a decade later, I learned to stay the course in networking and realized lifestyle freedom and fulfillment through this profession. For 15 years my late husband Mark Yarnell and I collaborated in mentoring others. Together we grew networking businesses while coaching and mentoring thousands of people through private coaching, books, articles, videos, blogs, and programs.

Mark attributed his success in network marketing to his mentor Richard Kall. He kept Mark on target, helped him stay in the game whenever he was tempted to throw in the towel, and encouraged him to stretch far beyond his original financial goals and earn millions. Mark’s bestselling book Your First Year in Network Marketing, published in 13 languages, is considered a veritable bible of the profession (as well as its sequel, Your Best Year in Network Marketing). Through his books Mark became and continues to be a mentor to thousands of network marketing professionals around the world. I can’t imagine a more powerful contribution and legacy for future generations.

One of the major factors of success in our profession is having a mentor who truly knows the business from first-hand experience. Beware of those who sell themselves as coaches or mentors, but are effectively branding themselves without the benefit of having built a successful business themselves.

If you like mentoring others, you are in the perfect profession. After all, our compensation rewards us for helping others rise to their full potential. Choose to stretch yourself and help others do the same: find a mentor, be a mentor, and everyone will reap vast rewards.

VALERIE BATES is a networker, coach, author, and educator. Her passion is to help as many people as possible rise to their full potential and enjoy greater freedom and fulfillment through network marketing. Valerie is the coauthor of 5 books on personal development and network marketing, including The Lotus Code.

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