Having coached thousands of networkers globally, I firmly believe that without proper guidance in this wonderful business, it is difficult to succeed. Why? Unlike traditional business, which offers BBA and MBA program, in network marketing there are no degree programs or diplomas.

Fatemi Ghani

Trained as an aerospace engineer, I was clueless about building a network marketing business. I quickly realized that in order to succeed I had to educate myself. I was fortunate to come across Networking Times and started attending their live webinars in January 2004. I listened to top leaders like Tom Schreiter, Mark Yarnell, and Randy Gage. I was fortunate that Dr. Josephine and Chris Gross connected me to a few of these MLM gurus. Tom Schreiter, among several others, became my mentor as well as a good friend.

It does not matter which profession you belong to, you must reflect on your practice. As a flying instructor, I regularly encouraged my students to find two areas in which they were doing well and two areas that still needed improvement. As a network marketing coach, I have noticed that this kind of reflection helps you become more committed to your goals. Consistent feedback and exchange with your mentor will grow faster than you can image.

Mentors are highly successful leaders who have enough knowledge and experience to guide and support others. A mentor is like a lighthouse—easy to spot. Salient features of mentors include:

Employees have a boss they are accountable to for their daily and monthly tasks. In network marketing, no one has a boss to report to, which is one of the reasons why most people fail. Those who have mentors are most likely to thrive.Mentors make sure to show their mentee where they are making mistakes or why they are plateauing in their business.

Network marketing revolves around leaders who work on duplication and multiplication. This can only be achieved if enough leaders are created in an organization. In order to create one leader, hard work is required, including proper coaching and mentoring.

Once you become successful, your job is to help others become successful. After achieving your dream life in network marketing, start giving to others who need your education and guidance. If more successful networkers teach and coach, our profession will be much stronger. Only through proper education and mentorship can we raise the flag of network marketing high.

Based in Dubai, FATEMI GHANI was featured in the Mar/Apr 2008 issue of Networking Times. A top leader in his network marketing company, he has conducted more than 2,000 trainings in over 40 countries.

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