Imagine wanting to be a pro athlete and not having a coach. Success would be out of reach; the big win would be near impossible. Network marketing is no different.

As a new network marketer seeking success, you are jumping into foreign territory. You are being asked to do things completely outside your skill set, things you wouldn’t normally do.

Here’s the beauty about our profession: there’s built-in coaching just waiting for you. Somebody who has already done these things is there, willing and qualified to guide you.

Kim and Richard

The foundation of a successful mentorship relationship is being coachable. For us, it began within our companies. We each connected with someone in our organization who had already tasted the successes we desired. We were willing and eager to learn from them. We mastered what they gave us to master. We practiced and honed our skills until we were confident and able to implement.

From there, our mentors were extraordinary individuals both within the profession and outside of network marketing. We were drawn to powerful people who taught unique concepts—thought leaders who would impact the way we viewed the world and built our businesses.

 When you are new to network marketing, the most important thing you can do is to plug into your company culture. Rather than looking for a “grand mentor” outside of your company, closely connect yourself to the person who brought you into the business or someone in your upline. Let them coach you. Put on your running shoes and run with them.

The mentoring journey is ongoing. You may find at some point that you begin to outgrow your original mentor/coach. If so, look for those who can stretch you even further.


  1. Lead by example - They never ask you to do things they are not willing to do themselves. They stay in massive action. What inspires a group the most is to see their leader personally enrolling and building.
  2. Are authentic - They are the same person both on and off stage. They are real.
  3. Listen - They are more interested in you than they are in themselves. They are genuinely curious, ask questions, and deeply listen. They help you discover and find your own answers rather than telling you what to do.
  4. Believe in you - They see more in you than you may see in yourself. They lend you their belief that your success is possible.
  5. Make unreasonable requests - When working out with a personal trainer, you don ’t need her to tell you to do the first 8 reps. You need her to encourage you to do the last 4 reps, which you wouldn’t otherwise do because they’re hard.

Your journey in network marketing will continuously unfold. Set yourself up for your greatest successes possible by plugging into a great mentor or coach who inspires you to want to do it anyway.

RICHARD and KIMMY BROOKE promote ethical network marketing through both their own network marketing company and their generic coaching and leadership company, Bliss Business. They are committed to helping tens of thousands network marketers leave the profession better than they found it.

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