You can build a large, effective and lasting organization when mentorship is part of the culture. I believe that “success without a successor is not success at all,” as Myles Munroe said.

I can never be the same person today without valuable input and hands-on training from the different mentors in my life. It is amazing to see continuation of success in the generations to come through the power of mentorship.


There are different mentors in various aspects of my life. 

Spiritually, I have Reverend Pabs Dionisio, our family’s pastor in church for the last 23 years. He always reminds me that “mentoring without monitoring is nothing.” He constantly monitors if I am striving for excellence, not only in the spiritual aspect of my life, but also in my family and business.

I used to be a technical sales and marketing manager for a U.S. multinational. Our vice president for marketing and sales, engineer Fernando Gregorio, has influenced me on how to manage an organization and to keep our customers happy and loyal. I even took up my master’s degree in marketing because of his advice.

Five years ago, when I started playing badminton I hired a mentor coach in that sport. You cannot play the game effectively and safely without formal training. If you did, you would be prone to accidents and injuries. Now, I am practicing performance kinetics to ensure good health and fitness. Our head coach, Dennis Antonio, motivates and inspires me to continue the program.

My beloved wife, Arlene, also is a mentor in my life. She can tell me things other people may never tell me, and it surely helps me make wiser decisions, especially financial ones. 

In network marketing I have had several mentors who have guided me and helped me hone my skills, as well as find a system that works well for me.

After being in several companies, I finally settled down 17 years ago in my current company, founded by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. Both have a huge impact on what I am doing now, together with our V Partners, the highest leadership rank in our company which I have now also achieved. 

I have also received mentorship from attending generic network marketing trainings such as the Elite Network Marketing Conference, Randy Gage’s Mega MLM, Art Jonak’s Mastermind event, and our company’s very own unique and life changing V-Conventions. 

I subscribe to Networking Times and learn a lot from the Rising Star and Master Networker stories in each issue. The V’s Voyager inspires me with the new and upcoming superstars in our company. 

Our managing director, Chief Pathman Senathirajah, uploads weekly video messages on the web that keep us switched. I encourage all my leaders to make it a habit to listen to his updates and words of encouragement.

Most people who join network marketing are good in their chosen career. However, things work differently in network marketing, so you need to learn and possibly unlearn some things to start right and strong.

Mentoring empowers new networkers to learn the right concepts and attitudes. In the process, duplication happens. The mentor benefits in building his network and as a long-term result, enjoys residual income. However, the student or the new distributor gets to learn the ropes and in the process becomes successful.

In biblical terms, Jesus Christ took care of His disciples, and they took care of propagating the teachings of Christ to billions of followers until now.

Mentorship is not done in an instant. It is a process, requiring an effective system of learning and teaching.

A golfer needs an excellent caddie who gives wise advice on the terrain and which golf clubs to use. The golfer hits the ball, but gets valuable input from his caddie. In the same way, you caddie your people on their path to success. 

In network marketing, there must be an agreement on the process of mentoring. You can only truly mentor those who are willing to learn. As the saying goes, “The teacher arrives when the student is ready.”

To find good mentors, I look for those who “already sit on top of the mountain,” as Michael Clouse says in his audio CD, “people you admire and who already made it to where you want to go.”

I have attended most of our annual conventions and learned a lot from our founders, top earners, and upcoming leaders. I also acquired several third-party tools like books, videos and audio CDs. I became a mentor to others by applying myself to become better and achieving greater heights in personal development and lifestyle. Most mornings I practice daily devotions, which allows me to reflect and stay on track with my life purpose.

Mentorship comes in many forms and sizes, and includes all aspects of our lives: spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, and professional. Mentorship creates duplication, leadership, and ensures continuous success in the generations to come. Our company founders define mentorship through a mission called RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind). Only by raising ourselves through the power of mentorship are we also able to raise others to greater heights.

FERDINAND TOLENTINO is an active network marketing leader with a large organization in Asia and the Middle East. An industrial engineer with an MBA, Ferdie has been chairman of his church for the past 22 years. He lives in the Philippines with his wife and three daughters.

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