Sep/Oct 2015 Issue
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Dr. Josephine Gross

It's Not How Much You Make...

Joseph McDermott and Amani Zein: Bridging Cultures and Continents

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Joseph McDermott is a dynamic network marketing leader who was introduced to the profession over 15 years ago. By age 21 he had built a significant income, but a company going out of business and challenges with startups discouraged him from rebuilding an organization. He did some consulting and other business ventures, but never forgot the power and magic of leveraged income. In 2011 Joey met Amani Zein on Facebook and was instantly drawn to her magnetic personality and exuberant nature. Amani was already committed to self-development and empowering people, so when Joey introduced her to “working from home,” she quickly caught the vision. After a couple of “false starts,” Joey and Amani found their home with their current company. Along with their business partners, Kevin and  Rassami Latmore and Kenneth Ho, they became the fastest business builders in the history of their company to reach the rank of Diamond. Together with their team Diamond Dynasty 300 Amani and Joseph have their hearts set on offering entrepreneurs around the world a proven vehicle for creating their best life...

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