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I Love Helping People

A Conversation with Jimmy Smith

By Susan Sly

At age 87, Jimmy Smith has mentored thousands of network marketing professionals on their journey to the top. Networking Times first interviewed Jimmy in 2005 when he was already a million-dollar earner in his company. The story was titled, Leaving a Family Legacy, and Jimmy has stayed true to his mission: today his six children are all job-free and building the business with him.

Jimmy “the Butcher” stumbled upon network marketing after working 40 years for a supermarket chain, a job in which he never made more than $400 a week. Jimmy’s wife of 59 years, Bridget Smith, also worked in the meat department and together they raised a family on a very limited income. Totaling up all of his paychecks, Jimmy made no more than $400,000 in his entire career as a butcher.

Thanks to Jimmy’s love for his family, his open mind, his desire to help others, and his fascination with the network marketing business model, this retired butcher’s family legacy is now one of unlimited potential not only for his children, but also for his 28 grandchildren.

Even though Jimmy has earned millions of dollars to date, he says he is just getting started. “It’s not about the money,” he says, “it’s about what you can do with the money.” After mentoring his children and grandchildren, he is looking forward to teaching his great-grandchildren how to succeed in what he believes is the world’s best opportunity to become wealthy and free.—Ed...

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