Since I’m a network marketing professional in my mid-twenties, social media has been a part of my business from day one—and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. It has become an integral part of creating brand awareness, developing new customers, engaging with our current members, and extending our reach dramatically.

More than ever we have the ability to broadcast our interests, build relationships, and connect with others who might otherwise be out of our reach. Social media is a powerful tool that, when utilized correctly, can enhance your business and life.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Uncle Ben said in Spiderman. As ambassadors for our profession, we should be wary of some of the pitfalls social media can create and implement the best practices into our accounts. If you are guilty of some of the mistakes listed in this issue, let the past be the past and move forward with new insights presented here to tackle social media like never before.

Personally I admit having made some of these mistakes when I was an amateur, as many of this issue’s contributors likely have as well. Social media didn’t come with a manual and no one was born with the natural ability to utilize it properly. Yet the students among us learned from experience and developed the skills to use it for the highest good.

If you are a network marketing professional new to social media, don’t fall into the trap of paralysis by analysis and try to understand all the social networks before taking any action. Look at social media as a new tool to enhance what you are already doing, giving you more leverage and ability to communicate with the world, and another skill that can be acquired.

I am thankful for social media for introducing me to so many more people in our profession—people who I now get to call friends and mentors. I love following professional network marketers online, learning from them daily, and then taking that relationship offline and connecting with them in person at live events, such as the recent ANMP international convention in Dallas.

I was able to learn from some powerful online networkers featured in this issue—Amber Voight, Simon Chan, Jackie Ulmer, Jim Lupkin, Bri Richardson, and many more. The possibilities are endless when we merge the best of both worlds and commit to becoming professionals both online and offline, and learn from the best of the best in our space.

All network marketers would be wise to heed the advice of the experts and professionals who have shared million-dollar tips in building relationships and growing their business in this issue and train their team members on the best practices in social media. 

ADAM GREEN is a 26-year-old network marketing professional who has reached the top of his company’s compensation plan. Leading a growing business on 5 continents, Adam was a featured Master Networker in the Mar/Apr 2015 issue of Networking Times.

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